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Palmettos and Lupe On Repeat - It's Our 2017 Roadtrip Playlist


Cities we visit, food we eat, and the fun things we do there. 

Palmettos and Lupe On Repeat - It's Our 2017 Roadtrip Playlist

Debora Manusama

After conquering a 14-hour drive to Chicago last year, we have finally decided to make roadtripping a  summer family tradition. It's just a great way to getaway, get a change of scenery, and explore many cities and states all in one trip!

So for our 4th of July break this year, we decided to drive all the way to Charleston, South Carolina, passing through Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Mississippi along the way. It was a LONG trip but we had fun! 

Each city we visited had its own charm. But I have to say, Charleston was my favorite!  I enjoyed strolling around King Street, getting pastries at the quaint coffeeshops on almost every corner of the downtown area, and window shopping at the gorgeous local boutiques. I mean, the city is just so pretty. 

The picture above was taken at Rainbow Row - this strip where they have houses in pastel rainbow colors. So dreamy! And the palmetto trees make them even prettier!

I really wanted to post a more thorough article about the trip (+ a vlog) but for now, let me just share our roadtrip playlist! You know I'm all about listening to some good music.. So you know I cannot go on a day, let alone a roadtrip without a dope playlist. So before we talk hotel, food, and all of that, let me give you some good music. 



It's a very chill and laidback playlist, with a lot of throwback tracks from the 90s. I've been revisiting my love for 2Pac's music again lately, thanks to his biopic All Eyez On Me that came out last month. I am also revisiting Lupe Fiasco's older stuff which I love. We listened to his song Paris, Tokyo over and over again, upon J's request. 

Anyways, here are some of them. Head over to my Spotify playlist to listen to the rest :)

1. Give Love by Andy Grammer

Andy is being an instrument of light once again in this track! Love how he always keeps it positive and uplifting! And I love how he calls his mom a sunshine soldier. 


2. Paris, Tokyo by Lupe Fiasco

This song got me daydreaming about flying to Paris, taking a train to Rome, and just traveling the world with the people I love. Very laidback, positive, and lovely. Lupe is one of the most underrated rappers out there!

3. Hammer Time by Lecrae

It's lit but it's chill, I love this new 'Crae joint! Especially the "Boy we too legit to quit, I die, resurrect manana" part. Catchy and positive, always good regardless of how many people are questioning his stance on faith and all of that. People, chill. 

4. Sunny Duet by Noname ft. The Mind

Chi-town rappers could hardly ever disappoint me! From Common, Lupe Fiasco, to Kanye and Chance The Rapper -- some of the greatest lyricists are from there! And this female poet known as Noname or Noname Gypsy is easily claiming her spot in the list as well. Her album Telephone is phenomenal, my favorite song in it is Diddy Bop, Shadow Man, and this one! Her lyrics are clever, witty, and fresh, if you get a chance, watch her live session on NPR's youtube channel. 

5. Do For Love by 2Pac

I didn't get to enjoy his music back in the early 90s when he was still alive because I was too young for it. In fact, I wasn't aware of his music until his posthumous albums came out around the time when I was in middle school, like Pac's Life and Better Dayz. So the songs I knew were Dear Mama, Changes, Ghetto Gospel, Thug Mansion, and My Block. Oh and California Love. But I wasn't aware of How Do You Want It or It's All About You or Brenda's Got  a Baby. But I then started to discover more of his music later on. So yeah, I was like a decade late, but even so, I  found his music relevant then. And still find his message relevant today. I love the bassline on this one. One of my favorites!

Check the spotify list to listen to the rest, I got TLC, Jhenee Aiko, and some electro stuff too. 

Have a great weekend friends!