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A Daydream That Came True :: Our First Cruise Trip


Cities we visit, food we eat, and the fun things we do there. 

A Daydream That Came True :: Our First Cruise Trip

Debora Manusama

After daydreaming about it and saving up for it for a few years, we finally got the chance to board one of the majestic ships of the Royal Caribbean cruise line two weeks ago. We wanted to do it back in 2015, but we weren't ready yet, financially. Because honestly, on top of the basic cruise free per person, there are so many other fees that you need to prep for before going on a cruise trip. Those fees include: taxes | parking (you'll need to park your car by the port, and they have nightly fees) | beverage packages (if you choose to have them) | tips (about $270 for our trip) | excursions | and other stuff like taxis, food, and tips at the destination cities (ours were Costa Maya and Cozumel).


It felt so good to book a vacation without going in debt for it :) In fact when we got home, it was 2 days before Pay Day, so we didn't have any "post-vacay broke" period! Thank God! 

I used to resent Mr.Man's discipline in saving up and saying no to vacations/lifestyles we weren't ready for just yet. I wanted to have it all, NOW. NOW. NOW. Like a little baby. 

But our journey so far has taught me to be patient. To not be flashy. And to wait for the right moment to splurge. I don't always follow those rules of course, especially when it comes to buying desserts or cocktails to treat myself, but hey, I'm learning. 

The last time I boarded a ship was when I was 10 years old back home in Indonesia. It was quite a crazy trip, as it took place during a politicized religious war that went on in my hometown of Ambon for more than 4 years. A person was murdered on that ship, by a group of moslem extremist. And we were among the only Christians left on that ship. Thank God, we were able to get out of the ship on our very first stop, and here I am today. Alive and well, by God's grace alone. 

It was a special moment for me, to board a fancy cruise ship with a family of my own, 18 years later. No murders (at least not that I know of), no craziness, just joy and gratitude. I will never take these moments for granted. And I will never take lightly these moments that I get to live out today, that I had prayed for in the past.

The incident happened more than a decade ago yes, but still. It's a miracle that I'm alive today and I should never take that fact for granted. I hope you will realize that  too :) Maybe you didn't go through what I went through. Maybe you've never been through war or death of a loved ones or chronic illness. But listen to this: you're a walking miracle. Yes you are! There is nothing mediocre about how you came about, and how today came about. So be grateful for it and celebrate it :) 

Small victories matter. Humble beginnings matter. Yesterday's miracle are still worth celebrating. And tomorrow's future is in God's hands. 

A fun video I made about the trip is below, feel free to click play and subscribe after :)