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Traveling to a Remote Area with a Toddler : The Checklist

Debora Manusama-Sinaga


as told by Ria Sarwono Traveling with toddlers can be very tricky. That's why when I saw pictures of this momma traveling with her kid to a remote area, I immediately contacted her to see how she managed to do that! And "these are the things that you never want to miss when you travel with them", she said.



1. The Right Amount of Comfortable Clothes
Day 1: tops & bottoms + tops & bottoms in case he gets wet + tops & bottoms in case he peed himself (or any other accident)

Bring a lot of diapers, and the older they get the less amount of clothes you need to bring.

2. Kid-friendly Fever / Common Cold Medicine
We will perfectly know the condition of the body and their stamina. We might have picked the wrong flight, so pack your meds!


3. Snacks & Finger Food
Cbb (Ria's boy) loves to eat milk crackers such as Marie Regal. Pack lot's of them!


4. Pre-packaged Food
Since it's a remote area and you don't know if whether your kid might like the food or not, compromise and pack up some pre-packaged food (the ones you can just heat up on the microwave). Keep it simple!
5. Books
Not iPad but books. They will keep your toddlers busy. Trust me.
Above all, my experience with Cbb to Flores (it was the first time I had ever traveled without my husband, just the two of us and a couple of my besties) has taught me that traveling with toddlers is a #rapopo trip. Meaning you have to be so patient and ready of whatever's coming. It's an up-and-down experience, emotionally and physically. But look at the bright sight, cause what I've gained from the trip was a deeper understanding towards my son, and him towards me :)