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Houston Trip and 2015


Cities we visit, food we eat, and the fun things we do there. 

Houston Trip and 2015

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

A few days ago, after a 3-week visit, my parents finally flew back to Indonesia. Is that a big deal? Oh yeah, a very big deal, for me especially, because it marked the start of the new year. Everyone else in the world has probably gotten over the "new year, new me"-fever weeks ago, but I am just getting into it. Now that the holidays are officially over, we are finally back to our daily routines, a.k.a the reality again, and it's exciting! Since Thanksgiving, we had been going out and having fun a lot. And with my parents visiting, oh it got better. We ate out almost everyday, twice a day. We went shopping, snacking (Auntie Anne's, Bubble Tea, Cookies, you name it), and even roadtripping to Houston.






Oh Houston, such a beautiful city. I love the bayous, how they combine the majestic sight of skyscrapers with the soothing view of trees and grass. IMG_0123


Love the many good restaurants we went to, like the Elevation Burger (organic, grass-fed burgers! Vegan options available!) and Backstreet Cafe above.


And the quite hotel mornings with this little dude.

And just the fact that I had my parents around to shower J with love - it was priceless.

But as I said from the beginning, it's time for us to get 'serious' again. Get back to being just us again. To start again.

I love new beginnings, especially the new years where we can set our priorities straight all over again, we get to remind ourselves about what we really want to achieve as a family and as individuals this year, and to actually plan to cross them off our list.

I have been so busy, daydreaming about working creatively with local Dallasite or actually just any awesome people out there wherever they are, through blogging, writing, instagramming and taking pictures. But now that I've thought about it, and meditated upon the fact that I've been too into it, I have decided to not get too crazy about it. I mean, it's not wrong to get serious and work hard to achieve your dreams, but I have to take it easy and put my family first. Because in the end, they are the ones who love us and need us the most right?

So yeah aside from blogging actively, exploring Dallas, and meeting new people, I have been focusing on other important things, like introducing a new habit to my family : JUICING.

Screen shot 2015-01-29 at 10.39.14 PM

Yes, thanks to Joe Cross, we are now convinced that including juice as a part of our daily diet is very crucial to get more nutrients (micro-nutrients, to be exact), vitamins, fiber, and tons of other benefits from consuming veggies and fruits. We tried to fast but we couldn't really do it, so we have decided to just cut our daily animal product intake like cheese and well, beef, while increasing organic plant-based food and beverage intake.

So now, I buy a LOT of fruits and vegetables each time we go grocery shopping. And most of them go to the juicer. We bought a new juicer from Hamilton Beach and it works amazingly (plus, it's affordable, hello).

I am practicing my handlettering and mobile-photography now, it's nice to find ordinary objects and turn it into beautiful photos.

IMG_0283 IMG_0286 IMG_0288

And last but defintiely not least, a new project I'm working on with Chicha, called Mamarantau. A Website dedicated to indonesian moms who are living overseas with their families, where they can share info, ideas, and stories to others.

Screen shot 2015-01-29 at 11.11.53 PM

Pretty cool huh? So if you know any, please let me know so I can contact and interview them. If you don't, just show love and visit the blog, follow on instagram, or like the fb page, will ya?

On top of it all, I have signed up for classes at YMCA, am planning to get pregnant again, AND to contribute to an Indonesian magazine soon. What?? I know, I've got a lot on my plate, but I will try as hard as I can to not bite more than I can chew.

Wish me luck, and happy new year! (or Chinse New Year, if that sounds more legit to you hehe).