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An Unbasic Summer - The Essentials


Pretty things, useful things, everything I like.

An Unbasic Summer - The Essentials

Debora Manusama

Double-dutch braids, chokers, satin varsity jackets, and unicorn floats - they're all over instagram  but why look like everybody else when you can stay comfy and be stylish in your own terms? Here are some of my summer essentials for an unbasic summer. 

1. Long Solid Color Kimonos

Although I love colorful floral kimonos and their ability to light up an outfit, I prefer a long kimono with solid colors these days, especially the ones that are light, flowy, and minimalistic. They add a a modern flare to my outfit without making me look like I'm trying too hard. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to shop a good long kimono I like. 

2. Lip Line Smoothing Cream

In case you didn't get the memo, lip aging is a real thing! In fact wrinkles around our perioral area are some of the earliest signs of aging. Causes of it include exposure to UV rays and muscle movements. So it's almost inevitable! So how do you smoothen those lines without a needle? I'm liking this Nightly Lip Treatment by Dermalogica. It's easy to apply and it hydrates the akin around my lips that are often neglected. 

3. Wrap Day Dress


I love a good day dress for those summer days when you just couldn't be bothered about putting a pair of shorts let alone a pair of jeans. I want something light, casual, and pretty that I can dress up or down whenever I like. And voila, this wrap skater dress by Tobi did it for me!

4. Lightweight AM and PM Moisturizer

With the heat and humidity that are coming upon us this summer, rich and creamy moisturizers might feel a little too heavy and thick. Lucky for us, Amore Pacific's Essential Creme Fluid is here to help hydrate our skin with skin-recovering T-Essentials™ extracted from green tea. My favorite thing about it is definitely its fluid texture! A little goes a long way, 2 pumps and you're good to go, day and night. 

5. Pre-Shower Self-Tanner

Okay, first of all, I didn't know that brown people tanned (thought it was a white people thing lol), but apparently you could do it to add a little glow to your already tan skin tone! I'm loving NKD SKN's pre-shower tan lotion that I tried out recently! It builds tan gradually over 4 to 8 hours, so you won't look like a Cheeto, and it's made of organic ingredients. 

The Off Duty clutch is available here, by the way!

6. Crop Tank with Details

Here's an un-basic crop tank for an un-basic summer! See that lace up detail on the side? Yeah, that's what I like about it. A black lace bralette under it would have looked even better, but hey, I rocked it anyways!

You know what's even better?  It's on sale for 50% off with code TN50! Click the photos below to shop. 

*Outfit photography by Beckley & Co., beauty photography by Angie Garcia