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Spring Favorites


Pretty things, useful things, everything I like.

Spring Favorites

Debora Manusama

My second most favorite time of the year (the first one being Christmas season, of course) is here! And while a lot of people are focusing on cleaning up their closet (#SpringCleaning) and whatnot, I've chosen to highlight some of my favorite things to wear, eat, drink, and put on my skin throughout this season, in this post. So, scroll down and read along :)  

Kimono Cardigans

They're very versatile and you can wear them for just about any occasion - I love kimono cardigans. The one I got on in this picture is made of see-through chiffon material, which is why it looks and feels very light and loose. Perfect for hiding those love handles lol. I have this geo-tribal print one, and a floral print one. Take you pick! 

Tassel Sandals

Tassels and tribal patterns scream summer to me. The fact that Forever 21 put them together on a pair of sandals makes it even easier for me to incorporate these two trends into my daily outfits this season. I don't usually follow trends, but this one I like! 

Matcha Latte

It's so easy to make, very refreshing, but not too sinful (unless you put too much sweetener on it!). 

Recipe :

2 tsp matcha powder (mixed with a little bit of hot water)

1 tbsp honey (or stevia)

1 cup of almond milk on ice

So delicious, and healthy too!

Heirloom Rice Bowl

If you want something filling, healthy, and flavorful this spring, you gotta give Modern Market's Heirloom rice bowl a try! It's got heirloom rice and split pea, roasted chicken, chili sweet potato, Cholula citrus slaw, grape tomato, cotija, avocado-tomatillo salsa, and smoked crema on top! Have it with a glass of kombucha and top it off with their gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. But wait, don't eat them just yet! Take photos! Why? Because Modern Market is giving away a $50 gift card to one lucky winner on instagram! All you need to do is post a photo of one of their new spring menu items on Instagram using the hashtag #eatModernMarket.

Spring menu items include: The Diablo, Heirloom Rice, Hot Honey, Merida Salad, Lemon Garlic Asparagus. The photo contest ends on April 21, 2017 at 11:59 PM so post yours ASAP!! 

Stress Positive Eye Lift

If you have lived longer than 2 seconds, you'd probably know what it is to stress ;) Life, responsibilities, demands, traffic, the weather -- there are so many stress triggers that we come across everyday. And you know what? Stress leaves its marks on our skin! Especially under our eyes. 

So what do we do? Get an eye lift! Not at fancy salons, but at home with Dermalogica's Stress Positive Eye Lift! This cooling cream-gel masque energizes skin and reduces the signs of stress. 

Those bags under my eyes are designer, but I'd still like to get rid of 'em lol. Try it for yourself this season! 

Statement Tees

Since the weather is getting warmer, sweaters are out and t-shirts are in! But why wear boring plain t-shirts, when you can make a statement with your tees? My Pray and Slay t-shirts are now available on Etsy and on this webstore. Click the photo above to shop for only $14.99 !!

*Kimono, matcha, and eye lift photos by Beckley & Co