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Getting Your Basics, Without Being Basic


Pretty things, useful things, everything I like.

Getting Your Basics, Without Being Basic

Debora Manusama

As we go deep into the summer, another season approaches. It’s that time of year where parents can finally breathe a sigh of relief while kids get excited as they move on to the next level. Yes, I am talking about Back to School season, and it is coming very soon, folks!

Now while we’re still ahead, timewise, it’s always good to prep for the essentials and basics, like apparels, travel mugs, notebooks, backpacks, and laptop skins. But your basics don’t have to be basic. In fact, they can be uniquely designed by independent artist from all over the world!

One of A Kind

So the way Redbubble works is they have tons of independent designers from different parts of the world selling their creations on the web. As customers, we get to pick any of the design we like and then have them printed on everyday items from home decors to apparels. I really like like the fact that they show the designers’ profile whenever you view an item. It puts a name and a face to those beautiful designs. So when I’m wearing a product that I get from Redbubble, I know that it’s not just some mass-produced, generic item. It’s literally somebody’s work of art printed on my everyday item. And there’s nothing basic about that!

Anything, I Mean Anything

What I also love about getting stuff from Redbubble is that I can choose to get the designs printed on just about anything. They have a wide variety of options from apparels (men, women, kids), home décor, stationery, stickers, wall arts, and even phone cases.

Independent and International

The Cali-themed stuido pouch I got in the pic above was designed by a lady in Oregon, while the tank I’m in the picture next to it was designed by a lady in India! It’s so awesome to be wearing an artwork of an international designer, who is creating and working independently from right where they are. I love that! And when you read their bios, these designers are everyday people, like us, making a living by giving us a piece of their creativity. And by purchasing the items, you’re supporting them! I think that’s pretty dope!

Now enough talking, let’s get shopping! Click here to shop and don’t forget to use my discount code mozdeb15 for 15% off until August 21st! #RedbubbleB2S #FindYourThing

Details :

Aztec Print Dress | Palm Tree Tank | California Pouch | Buttered Toast Notebook | Have A Nice Day Pillow | Mandala Scarf | Typography Map

*in partnership with Redbubble