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How to Avoid Snaccidents (the healthy way)


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How to Avoid Snaccidents (the healthy way)

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

Snaccidents??  What does it mean? 

You might not use the term, but I am pretty sure that just like me, you have been guilty of committing it too.

You know, those weak moments when you just fail to maintain a healthy diet, because your hunger got the best of you, and you settle for an unplanned and unhealthy snack?   Yeah, those greasy and salty drive-thru french fries, that sugar filled candy bar from the the waiting room vending machine -- oh, how we often fall for them!  Not necessarily because we want to, but because we didn't have a healthier option within reach! Especially us moms with running toddlers!

But here's how I handle it these days >> When I'm on the go, I keep some healthy chewy bars handy in my purse!


Not just any healthy chewy bar,  but my favorite Caramel Nut bar from Fiber One that I got at Walmart! Now, you might think it's located in the protein bar aisle by the pharmacy section. But it's actually located in the cereal aisle. At the Walmart I go to, it's aisle 18!


No make up, no worries. I love my chill Walmart trips with J.


Of course he had to have a box of cereal opened for him to snack on while waiting for me to make up my mind :p


Oats & Chocolate it is! Only 140 calories per bar, whaat!? ;)

Whenever I have time to prepare a more 'elaborate' snack to avoid a snaccident, I would pair a Fiber One Oats & Chocolate chewy bar with some Greek yoghurt, my favorite berries, and honey! Seriously yummy, you guys have to try it yourself! Check out the full recipe below (and don't forget to subscribe !:)



If you think about it, keeping these guilt-free snacks within reach on daily basis  actually saves our time and money without costing us our health (unlike those, fast junk food)! And that's surely a music to my ears (and frankly, my husband's ears) :)

How about you? How do you handle your snaccidents? If you happen to like Fiber One bars like I do, take pictures with it using the hashtag #FiberOneFlavor and tag me! I'd like to see them!