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Father's Day Gift Idea : Luxury Wooden Watches


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Father's Day Gift Idea : Luxury Wooden Watches

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

Growing up in Indonesia, I had never really celebrated Father's Day until recently, because we didn't have such thing back home. So back then, I'd usually celebrate my dad on his birthday (which is on Christmas Day, he gets the best parties every year anyway). However, now that I'm married and living in the U.S., I get to create new traditions in my own household. And celebrating Father's Day is one of them. sanantonio (6 of 19)

Fathers get up every morning, bust their behind to provide for the family, come home tired, but still manage to listen to our stories (and we usually keep them very long, right ladies?), and lastly play with the kiddos (or maybe you :P)  before they rest at night. That's a LOT of work in one day and I think just like mothers, they deserve to be celebrated, appreciated, loved, and honored in one special holiday.

Now, it's not easy to find a Father's Day gift that he could actually wear year round. Because not all dads like barbecuing or grilling steaks or drinking beers, at least mine doesn't. We need something that is actually useful for him, that he could wear everyday, and is stylish too.

So ladies, I'm here to tell you that I have found the one : Luxury Wooden Watches by JORD!


They are very unique, light, wearable on any occasion, and stylish! They come in different sizes, designs, and colors, you can check them out here.  I got Mr.Man the 'Delmar' one made of Green Sandalwood.


Isn't it gorgeous? I like the shape because it's unique, the color pops but not too much (Mr.Man is a pretty low-key guy, so anything too bright would not suit his personality). It is elegant AND! It comes with a good price, ranging from $129 to $395 depending on the design and material you choose.


But of course, I wouldn't recommend you anything without hooking you up with a little discount!

You can get $20 discount by entering your name & email here  >>> https://www.woodwatches.com/g/deboramanusama

And if you're lucky, you might even win a $70 discount just by entering your name & email in the link above!

Last but not least, place your order by June 14th to get it delivered just in time for Father's Day (Sunday, June 19). They even have a special Father's Day sleeve for you to write your greetings on :)


And ladies, if you're wondering if they have the ones that are designed for us, they do! Check out their women collection here.

Don't forget to post your photos wearing the watch on social media, tag me and use hashtag #WoodWatches. I'd like to see them!

Wooden Watches Men //www.woodwatches.com/widget-article/deboramanusama