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Experiencing Keurig® KOLD™ with J


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Experiencing Keurig® KOLD™ with J

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

Last Tuesday was probably the most eventful day I've ever had in 2015. I woke up early that day to do a photoshoot for my gift-wrapping post, posted the article, amplified it on social media, fed J his breakfast, and then drove all the way to Oak Cliff to try tacos that soon became the best tacos I've ever had in DFW so far. And then something crazy happened : My phone fell into a toilet bowl!

Now, if I didn't have any appointments that day, I wouldn't be as stressful as I was. But I actually had to get to Omni Hotel Dallas at 2 p.m. sharp to make some delicious drinks with Keurig® KOLD


Thankfully, I met their representative at the lobby and I made it to the private drink-making and tasting event! Ooh, I'm so glad we came! Click the video to watch glimpses of what we experienced that day :)



I immediately fell in love with this Keurig® KOLD drinkmaker because it gives us freedom to have any kind of cold beverage we're craving for at the moment, with just the right portion (8 ounces/serving) and the right calorie intake (100 cal or less/serving)!


So imagine having people over for the holidays or birthday parties, and not having to buy gigantic bottles of sodas that might not satisfy everyone's craving!


Instead, I could just make 1 glass of Coke for me, while J has a glass of Peach Iced Tea (he really likes it!), and Mr. Man could have a glass of Spiced Root Beer made right there and then just for him!


Oh, and even better, they have cocktail mixers too! Haaayy ;)

It was awesome just to get away from the craziness of the day and just cool off with some fresh-made drinks. The best part was that I got to bring J with me! Oh and, that I have a Keurig® KOLD™   sitting pretty in my kitchen now. Just in time for the holidays! #bestjobever :)