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A Delicious Vegetarian Holiday Feast I Didn't Have to Prep

Debora Manusama

It's 10 DAYS before Christmas and I am super excited to let the brilliant cooks of Whole Foods Market cook for me, while I rest and feast with my fam. I'm GIVING AWAY a $25 gift card btw, read along and leave a comment :) 

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How I'm Clicking and Feasting this Thanksgiving!

Debora Manusama

How I'm prepping a wholesome, delicious Thanksgiving feast for my family without cooking at all this year! Get a chance to win a $25 GIFT CARD by leaving a comment on this post :) 

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Getting Your Basics, Without Being Basic

Debora Manusama

Wouldn't it be nice to wear one-of-a-kind everyday essentials like tank tops, dresses, scarves, and pillows?! With Redbubble you get to do so while supporting indie artists from all over the world. 

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An Unbasic Summer - The Essentials

Debora Manusama

Double-dutch braids, chokers, unicorn floats - they're all trending but why look like everybody else when you can stay comfy and be stylish in your own terms? Here are some of my summer essentials for an unbasic summer. 

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My Texas Winter Essentials

Debora Manusama

Why did I have to put "Texas" in title instead of just winter? Because winter in Texas is like...Well...Winter in Texas!

It's like nothing I've ever experienced before. You could be wearing a t-shirt in the middle of January, because it's 80 degrees outside. But then soon after, the temperature drops to the 40s and you have to put on your coat. 

So I don't have that many thick and heavy duty coats in my closet. I have one very good one in black. I have a windbreaker that is waterproof, in burgundy. I have a tan leather jacket with a detachable hoody on it. And, I have my new favorite : this light trench coat in blush pink! 

It's light, it's flowy, and the color is just gorgeous!

Now that we got the coat, we need a little piece of elegance that is simple, practical, but stylish at the same time. Like this Coach Saddle Bag I'm wearing in Old Brass/Dark Denim. 

First introduced in 1972, this simply elegant and timeless Coach Saddle Bag has been updated in a refined glovetanned leather with soft leather lining and pop-color contrast stitching. What I also like about it is that you can wear it 3 ways : short, long on the shoulder, or crossbody style :) 

Love the simplicity of the design, the color, and the versatility this Coach Saddle Bag. It looks good on me when I'm on my Converse, it looks good on me when I'm wearing heels ;) Plus, J is completely potty-trained so I don't have to carry diapers and all of those shenanigans anymore! Woot woot!

I was so excited that we got snow last week here in North Texas. But then it was followed by a few days of Spring weather with the highest temperatures being in the 80s. Oh well, just another day in Texas. 


Photography by Tosha Chaney. Pray and Slay tumbler is available on my Etsy shop here

The One Who Transforms Others Through Jewelries

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

She's a military wife who started making jewelries at home in England, where her hubby was stationed a few years ago. Read how the Loren Hope brand is slaying the industry now, what she's learned, and tips to start your own business.

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