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Corn Maze, Pumpkins, & Hay Rides - It's Hall's Pumpkin Farm!

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

The month of October might mean a lot of different things to different people, but I think we can all agree on the fact that it's all about the pumpkins. These orangy squash plants are EVERYWHERE at this time of the year! They're in our pies, lattes, candles, even our tortilla chips?! Oh yes, the pumpkin craze is real. And we love it! Because at least it gives us the feeling that fall is near. Yes, I said 'near', not 'here', because it's still 90 degrees here in Texas.

Since we moved here back in 2014, we've visited 2 beautiful pumpkin patches (2014 & 2015). And this year, we decided to visit Hall's Pumpkin Farm & Corn Maze in Grapevine, TX!


After having a little belated 'National Taco Day' celebration at a taco place near the farm earlier this week, my friend Karen and I took our little ones to Hall's at a little over 3 pm, which is when they usually open on weekdays (check their website for full schedule).


I love the string lights and the different decors & props styled all over the farm! They serve as a really good backdrop for photoshoots! We saw many families did just that which I thought was smart and cost effective, because unlike other popular ones, the Hall's Pumpkin Farm and Corn Maze offers FREE admission & parking! 

We didn't bring costumes and photo props or anything, but I think Karen's baby girl looks cute in these pictures regardless. Look at those eyes and those chunky legs!

Ben was so excited to pick up the pumpkins, while J enjoyed pulling and pushing their little red wagon (also available for borrowing on site for free). They didn't stay there for too long though, because they saw the slides!


For a place that offers free admission, Hall's Pumpkin Farm has a good amount of free entertainments for the little ones. Beside the slides and the red wagons, kiddos get to ride mini tractors for free as well!

J wanted to ride the mini green one, but then he saw a real tractor just across his mini tractor track and wanted to get on that one instead. Hmm, not yet, kiddo ;)

Now it was 93 degrees outside, so after walking around and taking pictures for half an hour, we were ready for some refreshments.

Blue Ribbon Star Bar + a cold bottle of water -- oh yes!

Now the free stuff offered here are awesome, but don't forget to try the hayrides ($5 or $3 after dark) and corn maze ($5)! Hall's Pumpkin Farm is a cash-only business, but if you forgot to bring cash, no worries! ATM machines are available on site.



And then, if finding your way out of a corn maze or simply walking around the gorgeous pumpkin farm makes you hungry, there are Pop's old-fashioned kettle corn, hot ciders, and Last Supper BBQ's brisket to cater to you and your family!

I personally think it's best to come here at around 6 pm during the weekdays so you can do the corn maze and hayrides (Don't forget toncheck out the farm animals as well!) with the kiddos before sunset, and then eat dinner under the string lights, with a cooler weather :) But anyhow, if you're looking for a family-friendly pumpkin fun around DFW, Hall's is a good one to visit!