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A Playlist for Our 14-Hour Roadtrip

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A Playlist for Our 14-Hour Roadtrip

Debora Manusama-Sinaga


3 weeks ago, my family and I embarked on the longest roadtrip we've ever done in our lives so far, which was from Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL. It would take us 14 hours to drive straight from the Big D, so we took breaks and stayed over at 2 other cities on our way to Chi-town and back. We passed through 6 states over the course of 5 days, which I think was pretty cool, because we got to see different states that we might not visit again (like Arkansas, I  mean, I don't know when we will ever visit it again in the near future). And I love seeing signs like this one.

roadtrip (1 of 1)-2

Every state has a different one, so it's just interesting to see them as soon as you enter the state's territory.

How did we survive you might ask?  Well, we had a LOT of snacks, 2 iPads, chargers, and a dope playlist that kept us going.

Here are 5 songs that we played over and over again :

Allies by MUTEMATH



I cannot stress this enough : Mutemath is AMAZING. My brother introduced me to their music when I was 14, and I've been hooked on their music ever since. Their music is fresh and modern, but with soul. Moreover, their lyrics are deep and positive!! Oh and I'm a sucker for good lyrics ;) Their latest album Vitals is amazing. My favorite tracks are Light Up, Composed, and this one right here called Monument!



The story behind the video is super sweet.

Places To Go by Yuna


Here's a woman who stays true to who she is, no matter how crazy the music industry is. I love the fact that she keeps her hijab even after moving to LA and collaborating with international artists such as Usher. And I love how this song is just a fun song  that starts with her wanting to getaway to another cities like Toronto and NYC, and ends with her wanting to go home to Kuala Lumpur. A great traveling soundtrack.

Company by Justin Bieber



Alright, don't hate y'all. I actually think JB's latest album is quite awesome. I didn't want to believe it when my brother first told me about it. But then I started to read the positive reviews and clicked play on youtube one day, and it is safe to say that I have caught the Bieber fever haha. I think the fact that he has people like Skrillex and Darkchild producing his tracks makes his new sound more sophisticated, mature, light, modern and not cheesy.

I Got The Juice by Dream Junkies



Don't be alarmed when you hear the opening. He said, "Mother lover, you gon' love this" not mother-something else that you might think he said :) John Givez is such a great lyricists, very honest and raw about his struggles and his faith as well. Love that he teamed up with 2 other guys and made this awesome record. J puts it on repeat the whole time during our trip from Champagne, IL to Oklahoma.

Paint by The Paper Kites



This track is for when everybody else is asleep and you're the one driving. You want something calming and serene and sweet. I love the chorus where he says "I only eat to fill me up. I only sleep to rest. I need a love just like you gave. I haven't found it yet, found it yet." It's ironic and sad but sweet and romantic at the same time.

What's your favorite roadtrip song? Let me know :)