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On Trust, Purpose, and Default Mode -- Lessons Learned at 2018 SmartSocial Conference

Debora Manusama

Initially, when I was told that I was going to a social media conference, I thought to myself, “Is it all going to be about how to go viral and whatnot?” ;)

Not that going viral is bad or anything. It just seemed so vain to spend a few days only to learn about how to create trending contents and get high engagement rates on social media.

And by the way, I still can’t believe I get paid to get on social media everyday. It’s been 4 months and I really can’t complain.


Anyways, the SmartSocial conference was in Austin, TX and it was hosted by Spredfast, a very famous social media managing software platform that I happen to be using at work daily.

As soon as I leaned in and listened to the first speaker, I quickly realized that the conference was not ALL about what to post and how to go viral. Because to be successful on social media is to win people’s hearts. And to do that, you need more than just a bomb content.

You need a good heart.


There are about 3 billion people in the world who are on social media.

Why are we so drawn to interacting and being a part of the conversation on social media? Because deep down, we all have this innate desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

That’s why now more than ever, marketers are learning new ways to tell stories that capture their customers’ attention, and even encourage them to take the actions they want their customers to take.

It sounds scary, I know. But it’s not voodoo, it’s just good marketing.

That’s why as consumers, we have the obligation to research the products we’re trusting and consuming daily. And as content creators representing brands, we have the obligation to NOT violate our consumers’ trust.


Another thing that I learned about being a “responsible” content creator is to…

Create from a pure place. That’s what Common (yes, the Oscar-winning rapper, yes!) shared during his Q & A session at the conference. And it resonated with me so much!

Thanks to this social media age, we are all now content creators in our own right. We all have the power to brighten up someone else’s day or tear them down with whatever we post on social media. So I think this quote is a good reminder for all of us.

Next time before you post something, ask yourself, is this worth sharing? And what is my motivation behind all this?

Am I doing this for attention and likes. And by the way, if I was one of my followers, is this worth knowing/seeing?


The cherry on top was when author Manoush Zomorodi summed up the conference with some wisdom on how to keep a sound mind in the midst of all this social media madness.

She talked about how our brains usually come up with the best ideas when it’s on a Default Mode. When we are “bored” as we go through the in-between moments in our daily lives, like waiting for an elevator or heating up our food in the microwave, our brains start to tell stories to ourselves.

So don’t jack up this self-reflection time by ALWAYS filling your in-between moments with gadgets and social media! No wonder more and more of us are anxious and depressed nowadays! We don’t have time to deal with our real issues!

I’m going to leave you with this gem dropped by one of the keynote speakers, Roy Spence : There are 2 kinds of people, the vinegar and the honey. Be honey, be the giver.

The Golden Rule for Social Media (& Life)

Debora Manusama-Sinaga


I honestly get tempted to do what everybody is doing these days - showing off and fishing for compliments through social media- a lot. Only to prove to others that I got it going on as well as they do you know. If you haven't felt the urge to do so, you're probably not such a good liar ;) But each time, I would think of this quote that I came across back in 2014. 20140208-061509.jpg

Just because you have it doesn't mean you have to flaunt it. Just because you get opportunities, doesn't mean you have to announce it. Just because you get a compliment, doesn't mean you have to retweet it lol.

Why brag when you can work hard to a point where other people will do it for you? 

Why not be so good at what you do that you  don't even have to make people think that you're successful, people will call you that themselves. That's what I aim to do these days.

Anyways, if you have time, watch this video by Lily Singh, it's pretty hilarious.



I like the part where she says "At least one of us needs to  be convinced that my life is great!" - when she talks about the vacation photos people post on instagram.

Nowadays, if my photos have no purpose, I just don't post them. Purpose meaning a campaign that I'm supporting (both paid or not paid) or an inspiration (where to eat, favorite quotes, encouragements, lessons learned from my daily life and stuff), or a celebration (birthdays/anniversaries,milestones) that I'd like to share to uplift or congratulate others. I have also developed a habit of not post anything or even look at any of my social media accounts on Sundays (even the ones I get paid to manage) so that I can fully enjoy my time with my family. I think we have to have that balance. And I do not think we have to broadcast our lives all the time. Let's just live it. What's in it for us anyways?

May we walk with humility and courage today my friends. Have a good one!