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3 Ways To Get A Clearer Conscience & A Cleaner Closet This Spring


Life-learned lessons, relationships, marriage, faith, lifestyle, and everything else in between.

3 Ways To Get A Clearer Conscience & A Cleaner Closet This Spring

Debora Manusama

March 20th is the official First Day of Spring and yes!! I can already smell the flowers! The brunch, the dresses! Wait, I can smell dresses? Lol. But you know what I mean. While I love getting some fresh-cut blooms for the season, I am also looking forward to get my Spring Cleaning on!

captured by annie spratt

captured by annie spratt

I want a thorough cleaning this time though, not just with my apartment, my bathroom, and my closet, but with my heart and mind and soul too! So I thought of these 3 things to help me gain a clearer conscience and a cleaner closet this Spring - I hope they'd work for you too!


captured by neonbrand

captured by neonbrand

Oh yes, the good ol' unfollow button. We know it's there, we know it's an option, but we just don't use it. Why? Because sometimes we just don't want to miss out. Other times is because we're in denial and although the person/account we're following is passing a negative vibe, we still want to like them or even worse, be like them.


But friends, we are not obligated to continue to allow anyone to feed our minds and soul if we don't want to.

We can opt out! Here's a little guide to unfollowing : 

a). The Braggers - If this account always post things to make you jealous of them or what they have, it's probably best to unfollow it. If their captions and their updates make you feel less than awesome, take a break from following them. It's okay. 

b). The Couples Who Should Just Go Get a Room - These are the worst in my opinion! lol. If someone's overposting about their love life, more than likely, they don't have a healthy relationship in real life. I'm not making this up, it's proven by a study HERE.  So do yourself a favor and unfollow them ;)

c). The Sports Illustrated Model Hopefuls - I am all for people loving themselves and being comfortable in their own skin, but please don't contaminate our feed with pics of your booties and cleavage all the time! I got my own, thanks and I don't need that mental image of your junk in my head. Same with men's gym selfies. Unless you're Michael B Jordan, just stop. 

d). The Non-credible Politics Commentator - I mean, need I say more?


captured by lauren roberts

captured by lauren roberts

Okay let's face it, if you haven't had any desire to wear this piece of clothing in the last 12 months, it either doesn't fit you anymore or it just doesn't represent you best anymore (maybe you've changed!). So why keep it in your closet? Unless you're sure you're gonna wear it again and again, or you have a special occasion coming up where you're actually gonna rock this piece, say goodbye to it, friends. Make room for new ones!


We can have acquaintances and friends we are cool with but don't hangout with on a regular basis. But in order to declutter our minds, we need to select only a handful of people we actually want to invest our time and heart in. By doing this, we'd have to take a step back from relationships that are just not effective for your growth, at least this season. And trust me, this is a good thing to do ;) You don't have to feel bad for it. But make sure, your intentions are right, and your walking away isn't caused by jealousy or hatred.

I hope this little post has been awesome and inspiring to read. Feel free to share stories of your spring cleaning this year in the comment section below! Have a wonderful day, my friends!