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Life-learned lessons, relationships, marriage, faith, lifestyle, and everything else in between.

Hello, Changes. 

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

Happy new year, friends! I am still holiday hungover but it's the first Monday of the year! Gotta get up and be adults again! With the new year, comes a few major changes in our family dynamic this year. Starting with Mr. Man's new job in downtown Dallas.

We've been praying for this job since 2014. We thank God that we finally got it and today's his first day. He's gonna be ridingg DART a lot!

   We're also going dairy-free because of J's current skin condition.

Glad that Sprinkles have Vegan cupcakes.

We also love this vegan muffin by Bona Dea.      

Yum! J loves it.

I will also be doing some part-time work for 2 non-profit organizations this year, on top of blogging here and vlogging on youtube. If you haven't please subscribe to my channel! No matter how scary and challenging it might seem, change is good. You just have to open your heart, embrace it, and adapt to it. Of course, it's easier said than done, but I have faith in us! Let's do this, y'all! Hashtag it #ChangeisGood :)