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Life-learned lessons, relationships, marriage, faith, lifestyle, and everything else in between.

Living The Dream.

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

When we see someone with tons of selfies taken at exotic beach resorts, 6 bedroom mansion, thriving businesses we wish we had, toned biceps or whatever it is that makes us think of them more highly than we think of ourselves, we tend to say "wow that person is living the dream". Are they? Whose dream is it anyway?  How many of us can actually say that to ourselves today? That we're "living the dream"? 

A few years ago, when I graduated from college in Sydney, "The Dream" meant to be moving to New York to become a journalist who travels the world to make indie movies while dating a really wealthy, handsome tatted man who is a man of faith (I've always found them more attractive) but also very artsy and cool, probably of mixed race too. Haha.

But today, at 26 years of age, my dreams have evolved.


What happened? Did I choose to settle for less than "The Dream" at one point in my early twenties? 

Did I make poor choices that hindered me from getting to "The Dream"? 

Maybe. Because I must admit thay if I had spent more time working, saving money, and building connection with the right people in Sydney, I might have gotten a scholarship to New York. If I had not spent too much time getting high and dating, I might have had time to focus on making movies that make it to indie film festivals ------ oh the list goes on!

But in the midst of all of those poor choices and their consequences, and broken dreams, God made something good out of me. I found Mr.Man, gave birth to little J and now my life has drastically changed. It's up to me to get stuck in regrets of not achieving "The Dream" or to be grateful for what I have now and even better...To dream new dreams!!

So today, here and now, "The Dream" for me means nothing more than to raise a Godly family, to inspire other women and young people through anything from writing to volunteering, and just to stay healthy spiritually, mentally, physically, as well as financially. And oh, to live here in America for good :) 

Wait, whaaat? That's all? That's the dream? The 21-year-old me would probably think I'm lame and boring if she reads this. But screw her! She doesn't know what she's talking about! Hahaha...

But yeah, the point is, if you ask me of whether am I living "The Dream"? I sure and thankfully am. 

And I think in 5 years, when I turn 31, my dreams would have been evolved as well, in conjunction with the season of life that I'd be in, what I've learned in life up to that point, and the resources I'd have! Maybe I'd have enough money to start a business, and that'd be my dream then. Maybe Mr.Man would be assigned to work in London (he talks about it all the time, it might come true, who knows) by then, maybe I'd be running for president! Okay no, definitely no hahaha. But you get the idea right? 

Anyway, my Birthday and Mother's Day weekend is here!  Let the celebrations begin!