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My 5 Dollars of Happiness

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

Mr. Man : We got $17 left in our checking account

Me : Really?

Mr. Man : Yup, and tomorrow is Payday 

Me : So?

Mr. Man : (smiling) Wanna get some ice cream? 


The most beautiful and soothing conversations  I've had all week. I love how we can enjoy life with whatever we have in our checking account. No, we're not broke so don't panic and start feeling sorry for us. This happens sometimes when you have too many expenses in one pay period, right? Tomorrow is payday and we'll be 'wealthy' again :) 

Now if you'd excuse me, I'm gonna make the most of our last dollar with some mini pecan pies ($1.90), ben & jerry's ice cream ($3.80), and gratitude (priceless). May you find happiness with whatever you got left with you as well. Tomorrow is another day :)