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The One who Left the Fashion World and Came Back Again

Debora Manusama-Sinaga


A lot of women sacrifice their dreams for their kids. Some sacrifice their kids for their dreams. But this one right here wants it all, because she can.

I first met Prisya in 2009, when I was working at AMICA magazine (an Italian fashion magazine franchised by MRA Media Group). She was this fashionable girl whom I heard went to the prestigious Central St. Martin's School, London. I also heard that she won a Mattel contest to design a Barbie costume when she was younger. "Wow, this girl's gonna go far in this industry," I said to myself as we were being introduced. Not so long after, I left the job to work at a radio station, while her career flourished to the point where she became a Jr. Fashion Editor at DEWI Magazine. But then, she resigned. Her gorgeous wedding and a little boy named Atharjahja Wira Nugroho were the reasons why.
"It was hard to let go of my dream of becoming 'somebody' in the fashion industry. But then the first trimesters of my pregnancy were really rough, I was constantly sick and dizzy. So I knew I just had to quit work anyway," she recalled the experience. Though Prisya had always wanted to be a mom, everything that came with it was not as easy as she thought it would be.
However, she pressed on and survived early motherhood, to the point where it became her comfort zone. Being a stay-at-home mom could get somewhat comfortable, right? But then, Prisya knew she had to make a change. She had to realize her dreams in her own terms. Though it was challenging, she then started MATROISHKA, a clothing line that offers more stylish options for nursing and pregnant mothers. "I have all the means to run my own business : vision, mission, commitment, strategy, taste, and of course support from my husband! so why not?"
Why do you choose to run your own business though? Why not just go back to work? "Well, first and foremost, it's because of flexibility. I want the freedom of choosing when and when not to work. Other than that, for me, when you run your own business, the sky is the limit! it's so challenging!", says the woman who was so pleased when I told her that these are the reasons why Princeton and Harvard graduates left their jobs to run their own businesses from home too! It's called the "Opt-Out Revolution", I quoted it in my previous post here (2011, I was single back then), but you can read the NY Times article here.
You do have to keep in mind though, that running your own business is far more complicated and stressful than working as an employee. "You can't just go home and not think of your company. Your business is your reputation. You put your money in it. And the success or the downfall of the business depends on you!" shared Prisya. "I find myself thinking about my business even at times when I have to spend time with Athar, that's why I schedule my work time only from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. I have to work on the weekend sometimes, but I can balance it all," she continued. Of course, cause she's the boss!
Inspired by her own mom and her mom-in-law, Prisya wants to continue to be a good mother ("an even better one than them!" she said) while realizing her dreams. She left the fashion world for a while and came back to it with a different mission and a bigger impact this time. She's touching the lives of others through clothing, while still paying full attention to her son (she still breastfeeds the 2-year-old boy).
What's next for Prisya? the birth of her second child and of course expanding MATROISHKA. She is currently working on 'Real Mothers' campaign, which celebrates everyday moms with different backgrounds and challenges.
She does thank God for the presence of her loyal nanny. However, when going on a vacation and on the weekends, she usually leaves the nanny at home. "And the good thing is, Athar still prefers his dad and I over his nanny! haha!" she chuckled as we ended the conversation. Ah, if she can have it all. We can too :)