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The One Who Reminds You of Macarons

Debora Manusama-Sinaga


yanka 2 I first saw this woman a few years ago at Brightspot Market, where I tried her famous red velvet cupcake and eclairs for the first time. Been obsessed with the patisserie ever since (esp. cause I used to get freebies from one of its employees, my good friend who is single and available Tika). Her fierce outward persona might often be translated as unfriendliness, but when you talk to her, she is actually a sweetheart. And last week, as we began our conversation on motherhood, the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts-graduate was as passionate about it as she was with desserts.

Tough on the outside, surprisingly delicate on the inside, here is Serradella Patisserie owner and chef, Sharianka Adiella.


On Her Early Days of Motherhood

I have  always wanted to be a mother. That dream was fulfilled when I gave birth to Gaeluca Adrianno Andiko (now 1.5 y.o.). But it was not easy at all at first. I was going through a series of baby blues mainly because of breastfeeding. As many of you who have gone through it might know, breastfeeding is usually quite painful at first, with the engorgement, swelling, and all. I was pressured to nourish Gael with the best nutrition possible, but I was also pressured to lose weight. It was just stressful, and I ended up giving up on breastfeeding and decided to hire a nanny to help me out.

photo 1

On Gael's 7th month, I then decided to take care of him myself because hiring a nanny had caused me too much drama at that point. Not so long after, I found out that I was pregnant with my second child, Gianina Ariella Andiko (now 1 month-old). It couldn't get any crazier! But we survived. Thanks to the help of my parents and their household assistants for their huge support.

On Running a Culinary Business

In Jakarta nowadays, anyone can call themselves a chef and start a culinary business, primarily because it's one of the fastest growing businesses in the country. But I have been passionate about it since long ago,which had brought me to Boston for a proper education on it in 2002.

yanka 1_Fotor

During the years of my studying abroad, I'd come home and bake cupcakes as well as chocolate chip cookies that thankfully got some reputation in local bazaars. Back then, cupcakes were not that popular in Jakarta (around year 2004-2005). I then decided to start Serradella when I got home in 2006.

chocolate banana (timur)

Over the years, we have been blessed to grow as a business. And this year, particularly this June, we are collaborating with Foodhall, by which you can get our sweet treats at their outlets in Mall Kelapa Gading and soon Plaza Indonesia.

On Balancing Both of Her Roles

It is tough, especially because my firstborn is a toddler now. More than taking care of him physically, the hardest part is to take care of him mentally and morally, because you need to put your mind to it. But being an over-achiever that is myself, I have figured out a way to balance it all. Since I am my own employer, I have the freedom to manage my time and to choose my office location. That's why I've chosen to build our kitchen here at my parents' home, where I can watch my kids and my work at the same time.


The key is to not complicate things. Don't make it hard. Enjoy each moment cause they are not going to last that long! Use reliable help as much as you need, like your parents for instance. And make sure that your husband supports you.

photo 3

On What's Next

Definitely having our own Serradella outlet hopefully in 2 or 3 years. After that, having a third child, why not right? And actually, I have this dream of continuing my culinary education in Paris, but I think it's not going to happen for at least another few years, so let's just leave it at that.