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Sweet Gifts from the Corner

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

It is exactly ONE month before Christmas, and though a lot of people are more occupied with Thanksgiving and Black Friday shenanigans today, I'd like to take some time to celebrate the fact that the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! Speaking of corners, as you can see, J and I have just savored some delicious sweets that we got from the local Corner Bakery  to celebrate this day. I've always liked going to the Corner for some quick bite, both savory and sweet, so when I saw these pretty sweets on the store display yesterday, I couldn't help but try them! Well, most of them at least :)

   And this got me thinking : if any of you has already felt the anxiety of all the holiday shopping and entertaining, it is probably best for you to take care of the 'little' things first. Like getting the stocking-stuffers for your loved ones ready or simple yet sweet gifts for the people you really want to show love and share joy with this Christmas, like your colleagues, neighbors, or favorite teachers. And nothing says sweet like a bag of these Red Sugar Cookie Bites right here.

   Soft and sweet, just the way the little kid in me likes it :) If you need more for entertaining, you can even order a 5-dozen assorted cookie bite tray with flavours like M&M's, chocolate chips, monster, toffee, and classic sugar!

There is also a smoother and silkier choice that I really like, the Bar. From fudge brownie, maple pecan, to this one right here, cream cheese brownie, I like them all.


If you can't decide on which bar to get, you can also get the assorted bite-sized ones on a tray - Winning!

This next one makes a great gift for the hostess. You wouldn't want to come to a party empty handed would you?

      This Lemon Pound Cake that I got is wrapped in a red wrapping paper along with a cup of icing that you can spread just before serving the cake. You can also go with the signature Cinnamon Cream Cake which is boss! Now if you're more into something more petite to please the crowd, the Bottoms Up Bundt is what you'd like. What? Haven't heard of it? 

        No, no, they're not cupcakes. They're mini white and chocolate bundt cakes with a variety of buttercream and toppings like salted caramel, M&M's, and cranberry orange.

Oh it's gonna be a sweet, holly jolly Christmas in my home for sure! Hoping the same for your homes too :)