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My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

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Fighting Human Trafficking in Color : Race 2 Rescue 2015

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

With the growing trend of socially conscious businesses (by which we get to buy a bottle of water to save a kid in Africa, a pair of shoes to feed kids in Argentina and so on), I sometimes wonder, are these "good causes" legit? Or are they just gimmicks? Because you can see it everywhere right? Food companies are starting to label their products with words like 'all-natural' (very ambiguous in my opinion) and 'thoughtfully-sourced' (what does that even mean? it's not organic, it's not non-gmo, what is it?? very misleading!), and even fast-food restaurants are now adding words like 'hand-cut' and 'house-prepared' in describing their menus, just to make them sound "better". Anyway, so... back in February, when my friend told me about a 5K run that will help fight human trafficking, I wasn't sure if I was interested. I mean how are they going to do it anyway? Is this even a real issue? However, not so long after, I found a video about how porn has a lot to do with human trafficking and how sadly, more and more women are watching it (thanks to 50 Shades of Grey, that makes something as freaky as BDSM seem romantic, when it's not), I decided to check out this 5K run by Rescue Her that turned out to be called Race 2 Rescue. When I found out that it was going to be a color run, I was excited. When I then found out about how they'd use the money raised to run a safe house for girls in India, I was moved. But then when I found out about how they reach out to local young women in DFW to give them free makeovers and teach them about self-esteem so they won't allow people to take advantage of them? I was ready to sign up as a volunteer! I mean, oh my God, how noble is that? I didn't see myself in a healthy way when I was younger, and I ended up doing tons of stupid things that I still wish I could undo. So this is just a dream. I feel like I need to support this movement, started by running this colorful race last Saturday in Meadowmere Park, Grapevine.


J was trying to get his momma out of the box. I guess he knew that I wasn't for sale ;)

The race kicked off at 9 a.m. after founder Brad Carignan had lead us in prayer (I love that this community is faith-based! Because I think these issues need to be solved by something deeper than the 'good morals' of a group of people). We started off strong and I didn't even need my iPod because DJ Vow's playlist was bangin'.



We were splashed with color at least 8 times from the start to finish line. So fun! And J didn't cry at all!


I wish I had put on some unique costumes like these ladies!








This little girl's the cutest. At one point she was trying to make some kind of a 'snow angel' with those colorful chalk powder on the ground.





To be working out on a beautiful Saturday morning, while soberly dancing to some good music and giving hope to tons of girls and children out there who need it the most -- all with your husband and son? This is living.



What are you waiting for? Support the cause here.