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Open Seat : A Community of Intentional Sisterhood

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

Contrary to the popular culture of womanhood characterized by competition and comparison, story-teller and working mom, Queen K. Smith has been passionate about starting a community for a genuine sisterhood in Dallas, TX for years.  She's always  pictured a gathering of women from different walks of life, sharing a meal together and tell stories. Women supporting and cheering for one another, without wanting anything in return. "This is not a networking event," she said. "Because 'networking' often cheapens a relationship, because we'll look for what the other person can do for us."


Wow. That statement alone preached a lot to me. We need to start developing real relationships people!

So last Saturday, Queen's vision came to life as we kicked of the first Open Seat of 2016 at Common Desk in Bishop Arts District. Press play to get a glimpse of how the event went. And don't forget to subscribe!



We had a delicious meal (although I couldn't eat the chicken, because I was still doing my Daniel Fast a.k.a 21 Day Vegan Challenge) and exchanged stories.


How did we tell our stories? Was there a theme or a structure? Well, each of us had to take a penny from a little bowl. Then we had to tell everyone a story or a memory from the year written on that penny. On top of that, we had to tell 2 truths and 1 lie about ourselves. And the other ladies had to guess which one is the lie. It was really fun, we discovered some interesting facts and stories about the ladies present that afternoon.


We found out that one of us had auditioned for American Idol, the other had experienced a war growing up, while others have ran 3 half marathons.

Having been to numerous networking gatherings, where we'd tend to mingle with people who can 'do us some good', I found Open Seat to be a breath of fresh air. This monthly event could really be a community of sisterhood outside your church or circle of friends, that would encourage you to thrive as a woman, no matter what your role is in life.

If you live in DFW or are planning to visit, be on the lookout for the next Open Seat event by following them on instagram. Get your tickets quick because they sell out fast! :)