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Happy Hour, Kind Owner, Conducive Workspace - It's Supreme Coffee!

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

It's Friday y'all! We can all relax a little bit on the thought that weekend is just a day away, or for those of you who work a 9-to-5 job, it's a few hours away! I'd like to share a more light and fun post today about a fairly new coffeeshop in Irving, TX (my hood!) named Supreme Coffee. 

Supreme (2 of 11)

After reading positive google reviews about this place, I decided to visit it yesterday with J and I have to admit I was kind of impressed. First of all, I applaud the owner Patrick Kiago for picking this location on Belt Line road, because the area had been lacking that cozy space that we can just chill and enjoy our coffees at.

When you walk into the coffeeshop, you can hear some smooth jazz tunes in the background that matches the look and feel of this place : calm, casual, and cozy. I like the fact that they don't try to be too fancy with the decor, but they do just enough for you to feel comfortable when you walk in and stay for hours. And you know what, with the free Wi-Fi offered here, 90% of the customers that I saw yesterday were all working on their laptops!


This fulfills the owner's mission as he stated on their website : "We want to give you the ideal location to study, chat with friends, talk business, or just relax from the day-to-day stress."

Supreme (3 of 11)

I tried the Cheesecake Mocha Frappe (full menu here) and because I came at around 2 pm, I got a 40% discount because of the happy hour! Yes, they have happy hour on weekdays from 2 to 4 pm.

There are also pastries available, I tried the strawberry and white chocolate bread which was delish. I wish I had asked them to heat it up for me though.

My attention was drawn to the patio, where a girl was singing with her ukulele. She turned out to be a performer who is scheduled to perform tonight (Friday night) at 7 pm! I was like, 'wait they have live music too?'

Supreme (4 of 11)

The highlight of my visit was definitely the friendliness of Patrick, the owner. He didn't know that I was coming to 'review' or to check out the place, but he was super nice, offering a free drink for my kiddo and a discount for me, and all. Kindness just flows out of him naturally regardless of the customer. Just read the google reviews, they all say the same thing about him!

We can all learn to do the same wherever we go today and everyday, right? :)

If you're in the area don't forget to stop by and in the meantime,  check them out on fb and instagram ;) You can also follow Visit Irving for your local guide in the area.

Oh and, the handwoven watch I wore in the cover picture will be available on my sotre this September :) 

Have an awesome weekend y'all!