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Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

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Savoring the Goodness of Texas Land, Air, and Water

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

When I first heard about this restaurant, I thought, "Law? Why would anyone name a restaurant 'Law'?" LAWeditedLAWedited-2

It turns out that the name stands for Land, Air, & Water. Not just any land, air, and water, but the ones in Texas. Yes, LAW is committed to sourcing their ingredients locally. So throughout the restaurants, you can sense the Texas theme going on, although it does not overpower the beauty of the view of Four Seasons Hotel's greenery, visible through the tall and wide glass windows.


LAW Restaurant officially opened its doors on April 1st (just last week), but the night before, myself and a handful of others got a little preview of what it has to offer.

We were greeted by a selection of wine, carefully picked by master sommelier, James Tidwell, and some delicious appetizers. From Chipotle-Agave glazed thick cut bacon (it's seriously super thick!) to Crab Deviled Eggs and Oysters - they got it all.

I know I could've tried their amazing salads like the TX Caesar, but I couldn't wait to try their Beer Can Chicken tacos (available during lunch daily) so I went ahead and get me some at the taco stations.


On their regular dinner menu, they serve Crispy Duck Confit Tacos with foie gras, kale, and pickled red onions. Ooh, I would love to try that next time!

After tasting the 'Air', now it was time for me to taste the 'Land'. So I headed to the steak station for some seriously huge rib eye steaks.


Look at those ribs sticking out! The steak was cooked perfectly, and well-seasoned. I like it even without the sauce. On their regular dinner menu, LAW also serves this BBQ Rib Tower that you don't want to miss!

And if you're wondering who's the guy behind these brilliant, Texas-inspired menus, here he is. Chef Jonathan Rivera.


I was lucky to get this shot because he was running around greeting people and making sure that the food was served just the way they should. Thanks for stopping by for the photo, Chef!

Next, 'Water'! I've had some oysters for appetizers, but I was curious to try their Crispy Red Fish. 


Served with some fire-roasted chilies, the fish was cooked perfectly, and I like the fact that it didn't have that fishy aftertaste that a lot of fish-dishes have. Even with the skin on, it was divine.

I didn't get to try everything because I was busy having great conversations with this couple who was kind enough to let me tag along on their datenight (thank you Hyon-Chin and James Keoughan!). But by this time, I was full. So you know I had to go straight to the dessert station!


Yay, LAW S'mores! The graham crackers and marshmallows were house-made, and look at that torch! A fancy spin on a childhood favorite!


These lemon & blueberry pies were my fave tho! Sweet and tangy, a good ending to a great dinner.

Oh but we couldn't leave without sipping some cocktails of course! So behold, the Zone of Truth.


Patron añejo, patron silver, passion fruit, lemon and some powdered red peppers to give it a kick. Yum!!

So excited to welcome this restaurant to the city of Irving's already vibrant food scene. Can't wait for you all to stop by and try it too!  

Trying Some Delicious 180-Second Pizzas

Debora Manusama-Sinaga


Mr. Man, J, and I were so thrilled when we received the invitation to try some 'fast-fired' pizzas at the opening of Blaze Pizza in Arlington,Texas. What is fast-fired you ask? Well the pizzas here are ready in just 180 seconds! IMG_8294

How? Because the floor temperature of their oven ranges from 600F to 800F. This fast-fire method complements the restaurant's fast-casual concept where you get to freely build your pizza with toppings of your choice (no charges for extra toppings!!). However if you're not in the mood of building your own pizza, you can just order their delicious Signature Pizzas like the one I had in the picture above, Meat Eater (pepperoni, meatball crumbs, red onions, mozzarella, and red sauce).


The one on the left in the picture above (and on the cover photo of this post) is the pizza I 'built' myself with vegan cheese (soy-free), artichokes, spinach and mushrooms. So good!! They also have gluten-free crust available if that fits your preference :)


If you're too full and couldn't finish the whole pie, you can take the leftovers home in this half-a-pie takeaway box. Genius!


And for those of you who want to enjoy delicious fast-fired pizza while saving up some money, you can download their app and get rewards!

I love the casual, hip, but family-friendly ambience of the restaurant. The artisanal ingredients they use with allergen-free options like vegan cheese, their affordable pricing, their fast-fire method and most importantly, their good taste - oh! I cannot wait to go back there and have me some delicious pizzas.

Check out this video of our visit to Blaze and don't forget to subscribe!


A Little Pre-Valentine's Day Family Staycation

Debora Manusama-Sinaga


We don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day, because well...I'm just not into anything cheesy and lovey dovey like that (ever since I was a teenager, true story!). So when I noticed that Valentine's Day was like 2 weeks away from last weekend, I thought, hey, why not do a little staycation around my city of Las Colinas and have a little getaway with my little family. Any excuse to have a little getaway, right? So last weekend we stayed at NYLO Hotel Las Colinas. And we loved it!


I like the modern and spacious loft design, with a touch of industrial decor around the hotel. The room is just the right size for our small family. To get the glimpse of our staycation, click play and don't forget to subscribe on youtube.


We got everything from waffles, chinese food, to fresh-cut tulips, turned on the TV and just chilled there. It's nice to not have to clean up and make your bed every once in a while.


Yes, J loves his orange juice. And I love spending a Saturday, not having to worry about events and what-not. I didn't even post anything on my social media that day! I think that's the essence of 'celebrating love' - as most people believe February 14th is all about. I personally like having J with us, because, well...my love is for him too, not just for Mr. Man. And it's just more convenient to have us all together. It's just the 3 of us anyways. But whatever works for you, kid or no kid, as long as you can have a little 'sabbath' from work and routines and getaway with your loved ones.


We talked, argued a little bit, ate, laughed, and rested. I don't know what they put in our pillows but we slept good that night. Cute coffee mug? I know! I got it from ILY Couture. It's on sale now so get it quick!

The next day, we had breakfast at The Loft at NYLO.


And Mr.Man played pool while Jerome chilled with his youtube videos.


If you don't have any plans yet for Valentine's Day weekend, NYLO hotel Las Colinas offers special rates starting at $199 per couple, which include a 1 night stay and 3-course dinner on the Valentine's Day eve (Saturday, February 13th) with delicious menus like Peppercorn Orange Poached Shrimp. Lamb Chops, and Chocolate Walnut Bread Pudding. Yumm!!

Book your stay now and if you don't know where to go or what to do during your stay around Las Colinas/Irving, check out Visit Irving's blog.

*in-room photos by Beckley.Co // in partnership with NYLO Hotels.