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My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

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A Galentine's Day at OpenSeat

Debora Manusama-Sinaga


How was your Valentine's Day weekend? Mine was filled with the fun of watching NBA All-Star Game, NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest (Aaron Gordon shoulda won!), and the Grammy's (Kendrick Lamar shoulda won album of the year!!). I wouldn't do it any other way, I mean what's more lovely than watching your favorite game/show on tv with your loved ones while eating some good, homemade brownies? (recipe coming soon). Anyways, besides all of those in-home fun, I also managed to come to the second meeting of OpenSeat!


Unlike most V-Day events, this community of genuine and intentional sisterhood provided a safe and fun environment for us to celebrate friendship in the 'weekend of Love'. Because love isn't only for people who are dating or married, it's for everyone!


Yup, true that. That's why I'm grateful for my good friends :) We had some parmesan-crusted chicken wtih mashed potatoes and gravy.


I helped with the decoration a little bit, and I thought it turned out well!


For the 'game', each of us had to pick a song that would best be our life soundtrack, pick a singer to sing it, and tell everyone else in the room why picked that particular song and singer. Some picked very simple and happy song (including me), some picked very deep songs that really resonated with their lives and where they are today. It was very inspiring to hear the struggles of fellow women and how their faith has kept them through.

Here's a little video I've put together about the event, don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel!


What a way to celebrate love and friendship! Looking forward to meeting and doing life with these ladies in the future! Follow @OpenSeat on instagram to get updates on the next events.

Happy Galentine's Day :)