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My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

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3 Reasons to Drive to Fort Worth This Spring

Debora Manusama-Sinaga


So it gets rainy and cloudy one day but then sunny and breezy the other day, spring is here, people. Download the Weather app, pick a day that's warmer, and drive to Fort Worth with your family! Why? Here's why! 1. They Have a Better Zoo

No offense, Dallas Zoo, but I have to admit that Fort Worth Zoo is much more impressive. Open 365 days a year, the zoo charges only $12/adult (kids 2 and under get in for FREE) and $5/car for parking.


With that amount of money you can enjoy everything from the outdoor learning center, Yellow Rose Express Train, Texas Wild petting corral, to even a laser target game in the Wild West Shooting Gallery - all on top of the magnificent 12 animal exhibits!


Like the Flamingo Bay right here, African Savannah, Australian Outback, and Raptor Canyon, etc.




I've never seen Rhinos from that close of a distance before. That's what's cool about this zoo. You're actually taking a walk in a man-made forest.


Beautiful isn't it? You can learn about native Texan animals in the Texas Wild! exhibit where a few restaurants and diners are also located.


You'd probably need about 3 hours to see all of the 12 exhibits, ride the trains (your kids would want to!), and play laser tag. Totally worth it, right?


2. They Have a FREE Botanic Garden (with Free Parking!)

I love Dallas Arboretum, but sometimes, I can't really afford spending $15/adult + $10 for parking just to see flowers. I mean, they are beautiful and all but you know, sometimes you just want to walk around for 30 to 45 minutes, soak in the sun, look at some pretty flowers, feel the breeze, and that's it. $40 seems a little too pricy for that right? Well, Fort Worth Botanic Garden is FREE!!



You can take a good walk around the Four Seasons garden, Fragrance Garden, Oval Rose Garden, Fuller Garden, Trial Garden, Perennial Garden, and Texas Native Fores Boardwalk. A lot of people actually come here to do a little picnic with their families, it's so pretty here. It's much smaller than Dallas Arboretum, but it's got more flowers than public parks, so why not?

IMG_0769 IMG_0794

They also have the famous Japanese Garden with a $5/adult fee and the Conservatory with a $2/adult fee. Not bad, right?



I eat ice cream in any season, so of course the warmer weather makes me want to eat it even more! This particular ice cream parlor is just a dream.


They call themselves a "craft ice cream shop" and you can probably see why.



All made from scratch with local ingredients, Melt has come up with unique and original flavors like honey candies + thyme and Thai tea. Sounds yummy right? I like the usual mint chocolate chips and cheesecake-flavored ice creams, but sometimes I want something different. And this shop has got it all!



They also support the Birthday Party Project, so you can come and drop your party donations (like party hats and party favors) so they can use them to celebrate the birthdays of homeless children. Isn't that amazing?



You can also buy these bags for charity and cool flash tattoos by Tattly. You can buy the ice cream by the pints as well.



Ow yeah, definitely coming back here more often to treat ma self.