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Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Legacy Hall in Plano, TX NOW!

Debora Manusama

We visited Legacy Hall in Plano, TX last week and we loved it! SO MANY great options from tacos, burgers, pizzas, crepes, waffles, baos, shoarma, pastries, popsicles -- I mean EVERYTHING! 

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Laidback, Family-friendly, Colorful - It's Bumbershoot BBQ!

Debora Manusama

Brisket sausage, St. Louis Ribs, Loaded Tater Tots - all in a spacious, outdoor spot surrounded by tall trees, string lights, and paintable wooden posts? Oh yes, this is Bumbershoot BBW in Argyle, TX!

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Healthy Food for A Happy World - Welcome to Dallas, Flower Child!

Debora Manusama

A bright and happy place serving good food made of quality local produce, Flower Child is finally open in Dallas on March 14! Very family-friendly with a good variety of menus, organic wine, and a mean olive oil and lemon cupcake! 

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The Highend But Approachable Board & Barley

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

The weekend is almost here and it's time for me to share about my current favorite place to eat around the DFW metroplex and beyond. My family has been so blessed to be able to do this together as a unit, and J has been such a good little foodie so far so we hope that we can keep this up at least once a month! ;) We had never been to Denton's Historic Downtown Square before so we were so excited to come explore it two weeks ago. They have everything from coffeeshops, pizza places, to boutiques, and more importantly, Denton's first brewpub restaurant, Barley & Board.


Nestled in the historic Texas Building, Barley & Board has that industrial-country feel to it with bricks, woods, leathers and of course a moose head wall mount. You can hear music like those of Alina Baraz & The Galimatias playing in the background while watching people taking pictures by the mural right across the street through their huge windows.

Check out the in-house brewery! Looking at it got us thirsty! Actually, looking at their menu would make you thirsty, because they pair every meal with a matching beer right on the menu cards! Anyways, Mr. Man went ahead and ordered one of their IPAs.


I had one of their craft cocktails called Clara Lou, which is an original creation by B&B's bartender that is made of tequila, hibiscus syrup, lime & grapefruit. Ooh, yes it was good. And that flower is edible by the way!


Our very knowledgable waiter recommended us to try their Sweet Potato Hummus which is served with warm pita breads, pepitas, and chipotle oil. So we placed our order while snacking on some warm sweet & spicy mixed nuts. It's got thyme, brown sugar, and cayenne! Not your regular mixed nuts!


The hummus was bomb!! What a brilliant idea! The mashed sweet potatoes with garlic and chickpeas make such a great combo. Love the sweetness that you don't normally get in regular hummus. And the Bacon Wrapped Medjool Dates were beautiful. The chorizo and piquillo sauce meet the sweetness of the dates - yummm.  I admire Executive Chef Chad Kelley's attention to detail!

You're probably wondering what J was having. Well he LOVED their matchstick fries! So much that he didn't mind having them without ketchup!


We had heard that the B&B's Burger had just been named the best in Dallas by D Magazine, so of course Mr. Man had to give it a try. It was very straightforward and simple, they didn't try to get too fancy with it. A couple of fluffy buns, a well-seasoned patty, sweet onions, house sauce and American Cheese (yes, not brie cheese or anything like that) - and you got an amazing burger. Well, burgers don't have to be  complicated right?


Now my friend, the picture above is a pic of  the Sweet Pig & Angry Bird: half rack ribs, brazen quail, slaw, & pickles. Yup. Seriously, bomb! The sauce really stood out for me because it has that tanginess to it that I like.

Now we were super full by this point, so we decided to box out the leftovers and went straight for the happy endings ;) They don't have their desserts printed on the menu cards, but they do serve them, so you better check with your waiters.

I ordered the scrumptious deconstructed strawberry shortcake with lemon shortbread and amaretto whipped cream. I could taste a hint of basil on their strawberries sauce there. So divine!

Mr. Man went with B&B's own version of s'mores with a thick oatmeal cookie, thick toasted marshmallow cream, and dark chocolates. Again, I love how Barley & Board takes something familiar and classic, and make it their own. Not overly complicated, although very detailed, and highend but approachable. We can't wait to go back!

Have a good weekend, y'all!


A Taste of France in the Heart of Grapevine

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

The beauty about being a foodie, a.k.a someone who loves food and is open to trying many different kinds of food (mostly gourmet), is that you get to travel the world without having to leave town. Finding different types of foreign cuisines is not that difficult these days, especially if you live in a big city. Last weekend, our 'destination' of choice was France, and we're so thrilled that we got to savor some delicious French-American dishes at Chez Fabien at the Main St. Bakery on Main Street, Grapevine.

We usually come here for breakfast on the weekends because we love the pastries like the Dessert Trio, Almond Croissant, and the giant macarons.  Or when we're in the mood for something more filling, we'd go for Le Parisien, Chocolate Chip pancakes, and Belgian Waffles.  

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.38.05 AM

This time however, we're going for the dinner menu! So I dressed up a little bit to welcome the weekend and the fact that I got to be off duty for a little while (what up clutch bag reference! hehe). Well not really. I am never off duty ;)

Mainst (18 of 20)

We were greeted by a friendly staff who took us straight to this cute spot by the Le Place des Bisous sign, which means the place of kisses. Aaww...

Kisses aside, we were hungry, so it was time for us to order some appetizers. The bread basket had this creamy butter with scallion in it that I loved, and the escargot were buttery and flavorful, we couldn't help but to ask our server to not clear the plates yet so we could dip the bread in the remaining melted butter, garlic, thyme and all of those herbs!

J had just woke up from his long nap so he was a bit cranky. And by a bit I meant crazy cranky lol. The manager Pauline was very understanding though. We immediately ordered him some Grilled Salmon and Fries. What? Yes, they have good menus for kids, not just some basic mac n cheese or pb & j. And check out that old school entertainment! Etch the Sketch! But of course, being born at 2013, J thought it was an iPad.

Mainst (5 of 20)

I asked our server Casey to surprise me and he ordered me the Lemon Thyme Roasted Chicken. The chicken fell off the bone, you can taste the herbs all the way to the bone, and the purple baby carrots added just the right crunch to the whole dish.

Mainst (8 of 20)

I paired it with their summer cocktail Concombre Bouquet which balanced the whole dish with its fruity, fresh taste. Mr.Man went with Pinot Grigio out of the 60 wine selections that they offer.

This is how I eat every day by the way. With a toddler boy holding my neck and jumping up and down around me lol.

Mainst (6 of 20)

Mr. Man had the Friday night special which was the Bouillabaisse, a seafood stew that's originated from the port city of Marseille with ingredients like garlic, tomatoes, fennel, fish, and shellfish. Here at Chez Fabien, they add their own spin to it though by adding King Crab. The broth was on point, I would highly recommend you to try this dish instead of the more Americanized selections, although they do serve burgers :)

What added a more oomph to the whole French vibe going on here was the live performance by Isabel Crespo (she performed La Vien Rose!). If you can't make it here on Friday nights, there's also live music on Thursday and Saturday from 7 pm to 10 pm. That awesome sparkler birthday candle on the left is just what the bistro usually does for customers who are celebrating their birthdays. That's lit!

As a happy ending to our lovely evening, we savored some Banana Nutella Crepe and Bistro Bread Pudding. They are so generous with nutella on their crepes so if you love nutella like I do, you should order the crepes! The bread pudding is always available from breakfast to dinner, it's got the chewy texture that I like, and it comes with lots of peanuts! Yum! If you're allergic, make sure you let them know :)

Mainst (7 of 20)

Over all, it was a sweet family nightout accompanied by sweet acoustic live music, delicious French dishes, and some craft cocktails (they make their own syrup and juices here!). The best thing was we didn't have to travel very far.  Can't wait to go back here :)

If you're coming to GrapeFest this September, Main St. Bakery will have a booth open outside the bakery/bistro serving their famous Croi-Dough and also sandwiches!  


Best Macarons in DFW So Far

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

As you could probably tell, I have this undying passion for sweets and desserts. I think most of the things I learn to cook/bake and spend money on are sweets. Now I don't like sodas and pop tarts, I'm not into artificial sugars. I'm into real desserts with good quality ingredients that are worth spending money on. Among all of the famous desserts out there, I consider macarons as the Vogue of desserts -- pretty, elegant, and delicate.



You don't eat them for comfort on daily basis. They're not cookies that you can just bake in 20 minutes. Made of ground almonds, sugar and egg whites, macarons require a special skill to make that you don't just develop overnight. Oh talk about the flavoring! It takes creativity and imagination to come up with the ones that work!

This post is to celebrate some of the best macarons I've tasted in DFW so far. So here it goes! 

Let's start with Chocolate Secrets

Ignore the bad reviews you might see online. And don't be intimidated by the $$$ label on google. It's really not that expensive (unless you're getting the specialty chocolate boxes), especially the macarons. For under $3, you get a good size of pretty macarons with crisp shells and gooey center that are uniquely flavored!

When I go out and try macarons, I try to stir clear from the basic flavours like Pistachio and chocolate, because they pretty much taste similar in one patisserie and another. So I'd usually go for the unique ones, like my favorite flavours here at Chocolate Secrets, Raspberry Vodka and the seasonal Popcorn macarons (the white one at the top) that they had a few months ago. The Green Apple one on the bottom is also good, and if you still want something boozy, try the Mojito macarons. What I also love about this place is that it's very kid-friendly. In fact, kids get 1 chocolate (any chocolate of their choice!) for FREE every day. They have buy 1 get 1 macaron promo, weekly Jazz nights, and sets of board games and what-not that you can play with. It's a great place to hangout for hours even with kids.

Next, my new favorite place, JOY macarons. I've actually tried some of their macarons in January, when I went to Davis St espresso. But I must've had the wrong ones because they didn't impress me. Today however, I had some of the yummiest macarons ever there!


I'm talking about Pear and Basil Macaron Ice Cream sammy here! Oh my lord was that good! The other one that stood out for me was the Lavender & Honey macaron (the purple one at the bottom). You can actually taste both ingredients in one bite! The seasonal Pumpkin macaron is also really good, with all of the pumpkin spice and cinnamony taste. I would like to try the Rose and Lychee one next time! Anyhow, JOY is not really a place for hanging out with your kiddo. It's actually more of a grab-and-go place for you to get a quick sugar fix and leave.



Ah, kids don't even care though. As long as you give them those ice cream sambas, they'd be happy ;) The best part is : the macarons are only $2 each and the ice cream sambas are $6 ! So worth it!


You can also get some merch like these tumblers right here and some temporary tattoos by Tattly (like the ones they sell at Met Ice Cream in Fort Worth).


Now what about the other famous patisserie like uptown's Bisous Bisous? Hmm...I honestly think it doesn't come close to these two places I just wrote about. The flavours are not as unique as JOY or Chocolate Secrets (the most 'unusual' one is probably the PB & J, but it doesn't work as magically good as popcorn or honey-lavender).

This was my favourite from Bisous Bisous and it was their 4th of July special : Mixed berry and cream cheese. The usuals are pretty standard, so I don't get why it's on the Best of Big D. But hey, if you want to check the place out, click here :) It's still a cute place to take photos. For more reviews follow my dineline here :)