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Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

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Healthy Food for A Happy World - Welcome to Dallas, Flower Child!

Debora Manusama

A bright and happy place serving good food made of quality local produce, Flower Child is finally open in Dallas on March 14! Very family-friendly with a good variety of menus, organic wine, and a mean olive oil and lemon cupcake! 

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A Family-Friendly Brunch Spot in Deep Ellum

Debora Manusama

Deep Ellum might not be the typical area for your to go for a Sunday brunch with your family. But this one spot might change that. This is Filament! 

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A Tex-Mex Lunch at Deep Ellum

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

Formerly known as "deep Elm Street", this hip neighborhood is located in the east side of downtown Dallas. Once famous for its industrial developments & jazz culture, Deep Ellum is now the home of cool bars, unpretentious restaurants, and of course, graffiti. I was so excited to get a glimpse of just a few inches of the area last Sunday, when we decided to have some Tex-Mex for lunch. IMG_8352.JPG


Commerce st, Main st, Canton, st, and Elm st are its famous streets. You can find all kinds of cool places like the All Good cafe, the Amsterdam Bar (I am so looking forward to coming here one day), and the renowned Tex-Mex joint : Pepe's & Mito's !! (read the yelp review here)


We parked on the corner of Malcolm X and Elm with $5 rate, but you can actually park beside the restaurant with the same rate. It is super hot outside at this time of the month, so it's always wise to park closer to where you want to eat. There was a construction work outside the restaurant, but it didn't stop us from having some good tex-mex.


And as we stepped into this green-white-and red building, we fell in love.


Bright red walls with paintings of Mexican houses, string lights, and of course...the Latin music playing in the background! - ahh it was just the right amount of 'bright' and 'fun' for a Sunday afternoon. We went on and order taquitos for baby J, lunch combo number 5 for Mr. Man, and combo number 2 for me (FULL MENU HERE). Each lunch combo came with enchiladas, rice, beans, and a little salad. If you expect a fancy presentation, you won't get it here, cause they serve the food just as it is. No fancy, arty technique. Nothing too complicated. You know why? They don't need fancy! Their taste is fancy!


The food is so delicious, so authentic, so unpretentious that the restaurant doesn't even have to have a website! The quality of the food speaks for itself! They got the whole package. The bar, the food, the TV, the music, the margarita, the hip location - what more do you want! oh and the most important thing I'd like to mention here : they got reasonable price. I am definitely coming back here more often!


I wanted to explore every inch of the hood but the heat was more than I could bear, so after a quick stroll around the Malcom X to take this photo, we decided to go home. This neighborhood's vibe reminds me of Williamsburg and Bedford in Brooklyn, New York, where you see a lot of hipsters walking around, drinking artisan (or even gluten free) beer with tattoo all over their bodies and this weird-looking beard they all have. It was nice to know this part of DFW, that is historical, artsy, raw, and cool all at the same time. Once the weather has cooled down, I am definitely hanging out around this hood with baby J, and y'all be seeing more posts on this area soon :)