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Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

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Decks in The Park : Millennial Parents' Party

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

Whoa...I can't believe that I'll turn 26 this Friday! Still very young right? Probably too young to have a 20 month-old boy and a husband (for some people). Marriage is often believed to be something that would suck the youth out of you. But to be honest, I have learned that if you're not being intentional about keeping your spirit/positivity/ hope/ love turned up, life itself will suck the youth out of you, regardless of your marital status and age. Now I am very grateful that our little family is blessed enough to have moved to Dallas last year. Here in America, like in many other western countries, having kids is more 'accommodated' with tons of free activities at beautiful parks, museums, libraries, and other public spaces. I remember how difficult it was to get around and look for fun activities for J back home in Indonesia. The traffic, smoking policy, poor condition of the public spaces, limited activity options for kids that are outside the malls --Hmm...let's just say I really needed to be extra creative to come up with our own activity options.

Anyway, thankfully, today, I get to truly enjoy learning to be a wife and a parent in Dallas without forgetting to have fun! One of which is by going to a FREE dance party at Klyde-Warren Park which is famously known as Decks In The Park.

Last Thursday we went there for the first time with our friends Craig, Tara and their son Israel. We got there at 6, and not many people were there, just some kids running around on the empty lawn.


We then set up our little picnic space right in the middle of the park, and shortly after, other families, couples, and friends began to arrive to take their spot.


But of course my little J wanted to play with the splash fountain before we got him to do anything else.


Meanwhile, Israel was having a good time with his daddy.




Israel was being silly. Love that kid.


Fruits, chips, nachos, quesadilla, fried catfish, ice cream - ow yeah!


I love how this event is kid-friendly! It's just perfect! You get to bring your kids, eat good food, sip some drinks if you want to, bring your dog, and dance to some good music! And the weather was nice too!


DJ Samma Lone started spinning some funky tunes at 7 and the kids where dancing right in front of him. Some adults too! With hula hoops!



For some reason, J kept on walking towards the lady in the denim top on the left. She was pretty, and I think J kinda noticed it.



I saw some parents were dancing while babywearing as well, what a genius! I'd do that next time when I have another baby! J's too big for his baby carrier now, plus he couldn't stay still whenever there's music being played.



Before we left, Mr.Man and I took J to see these freestyle dancers busting up some moves. The sky was getting darker, the stage lights were shining beautifully, and we left with a smile on our faces. Realizing that with this kind of joy, peace, love, and hope that we got in our hearts - we are forever young.