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Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

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A Waterpark Getaway Near Downtown Dallas - Hilton Anatole

Debora Manusama

There's something so refreshing about getting away without traveling very far. That's why we love staycationing! Read more about our experience at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas and their newly-opened Jadewaters Water Complex!

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1 Week of Golf, 50k Youtube Views, and more.

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

First, let me start by saying that I have no idea how to play golf. Before going to this tournament last week, I had only been to a driving range 2x in my life, and I had never been to a golf course before. It was just not a part of my life. Unlike basketball or soccer, you know (Indonesians are big on soccer). byron (1 of 3)

So when I got the invitation to cover this event in March, I thought, "Hmm...from what angle can I cover it?"

Little did I know that more than just a sporting event, a golf tournament is a lifestyle event, where people come dressed up (some really nicely, some don't really care), sip cocktails and beers, and socialize. And this particular event that I was going to cover, was actually kid-friendly!

So there I was at the 2016 AT&T Byron Nelson at Four Seasons in Las Colinas, Irving TX, covering my first ever golf tournament.

And then this happened on the first day ....



The world's #2 golfer who's a Dallas native, Jordan Spieth caught a marshmallow off a golf ball during a free youth clinic. I recorded it with my DSLR and got over 50k views in just a few days! And as a result I had a few agencies contacting me, trying to buy my video. It was an incredible experience. I don't know if it would make a good money or not but I hope it would in the near future ;)

I'm so grateful for Visit Irving, Texas, for giving me my media pass, so I got to dine here at the Media Dining area for free throughout the tournament week.


And I got to bring J with me :) #BestJobEver right?

After we're done with lunch, we usually go to the KidsZone presented by Baylor Emergency Medical Center, Momentous Institute, YMCA Dallas, and Dallas Mavericks.


J loved it. He didn't want to leave. At one point, I let him play on the inflatables without his pants on.


And when he got tired, I would put him to sleep on his stroller, and then took a walk around the huge Four Seasons golf course to watch the game.

It's perfect to do it while he's asleep because the golfers really need the audience to be really quiet.

byron (7 of 8)

Whenever they raised their hands like on this picture above, I held my breath, hoping J won't wake up until I've finished taking pictures and left the area :P Wouldn't want him to ruin the tournament on live national tv lol.


byron (2 of 3)

Here's one of my favorite moments of the event, seeing the golfers (in this picture : Brooks Koepka, the runner up) hugging Peggy Nelson, the wife of the legendary, Byron Nelson after they finish on the 18th hole.

byron (3 of 3)

And here's also another one of my favorite moments, where Brooks Koepka and Sergio Garcia (the one wearing the white polo shirt) got into a sudden death playoff, where Garcia ended up winning the whole tournament. You can watch his winning putt on the video below.



It was a truly amazing experience for me, a stay at home mom, to cover such a prestigious event. I remember back in the day, when I used to work for a radio station and a magazine in Indonesia, I used to get access to events and do what I love. I let it all go when I got married in 2012, but now I get to do it again, without having to sacrifice my family!

I truly believe that you can do whatever you want to do in any season that you're in right now. Trust God, work hard, and you will surely get there! :)


The Meetup Dallas Launch Party

Debora Manusama-Sinaga


As I mentioned on my previous post, I've been looking forward to come to this particular event, put together by the lovely and creative ladies of The Meetup Dallas for a while. With their motto "We rise by lifting others", The Meetup is meant to serve as a networking event to connect creative and entrepreneur women across the metroplex without the catty competition. And last Wednesday, it did just that.  

Didn't wanna wear anything too crazy and formal, so I decided to go with my new ASOS skirt & flats, and my Loren Hope necklace + Perry Street earrings that I got from my Rocksbox, a monthly premium jewelry subscription which allows you to borrow designer jewelries for just $19/month. And if you use my code mozdebxoxo, you'll get your first month FREE!


Anyways, I met some really interesting bloggers and business owners at the event, including one of my favorite local photographers, Megan Weaver, Angie of POSH floral, the lovely ladies from We The Birds macarons, and interestingly, a financial professional name Lucy. To catch a glimpse of the event, press play on the following video and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel!



The fact that Stacy and Laura share the same vision of connecting women to encourage growth and collaboration instead of competition is inspiring. Looking forward to coming to their quarterly events :) In the meantime, don't forget to give them a follow!

Open Seat : A Community of Intentional Sisterhood

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

Contrary to the popular culture of womanhood characterized by competition and comparison, story-teller and working mom, Queen K. Smith has been passionate about starting a community for a genuine sisterhood in Dallas, TX for years.  She's always  pictured a gathering of women from different walks of life, sharing a meal together and tell stories. Women supporting and cheering for one another, without wanting anything in return. "This is not a networking event," she said. "Because 'networking' often cheapens a relationship, because we'll look for what the other person can do for us."


Wow. That statement alone preached a lot to me. We need to start developing real relationships people!

So last Saturday, Queen's vision came to life as we kicked of the first Open Seat of 2016 at Common Desk in Bishop Arts District. Press play to get a glimpse of how the event went. And don't forget to subscribe!



We had a delicious meal (although I couldn't eat the chicken, because I was still doing my Daniel Fast a.k.a 21 Day Vegan Challenge) and exchanged stories.


How did we tell our stories? Was there a theme or a structure? Well, each of us had to take a penny from a little bowl. Then we had to tell everyone a story or a memory from the year written on that penny. On top of that, we had to tell 2 truths and 1 lie about ourselves. And the other ladies had to guess which one is the lie. It was really fun, we discovered some interesting facts and stories about the ladies present that afternoon.


We found out that one of us had auditioned for American Idol, the other had experienced a war growing up, while others have ran 3 half marathons.

Having been to numerous networking gatherings, where we'd tend to mingle with people who can 'do us some good', I found Open Seat to be a breath of fresh air. This monthly event could really be a community of sisterhood outside your church or circle of friends, that would encourage you to thrive as a woman, no matter what your role is in life.

If you live in DFW or are planning to visit, be on the lookout for the next Open Seat event by following them on instagram. Get your tickets quick because they sell out fast! :)