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Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

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Chicken Scratch : So Cool, So Kid-Friendly.

Debora Manusama-Sinaga


You know what? I think divine provision is real. Just when we least expected it, Mr. Man and I found out that we got some extra money to spend last weekend cause apparently, the insurance company we're enrolled in back home had sent some refund money and that the magazine I did a contributing gig for had also sent me my pay. So what did we do with those money? We went out to eat, baby. Not at a fancy place though, cause we still wanted to save some money for dessert, coffee, and other shenanigans. We ended up eating at a cool and unexpectedly kid-friendly joint called Chicken Scratch (& The Foundry).


The exterior looks like a plain garage, but wait till you see the inside. It was raining in Dallas that day and the place had only been opened for 4 minutes, (it opens at 11 a.m. on Sundays, we came at 11.04). We waited for J to wake up (about 20 minutes) and went straight in.


Greeted by this view, I can only imagine what Friday nights are like in here. Must be packed, especially with the live music stage right there. Can't really see it? Here's another pic.


Cool, right? I love the string lights and the 'evergreen' container-trucks-turned-into-a-dining-space on the left.


I was feeling the whole rustic vibe here, wanted to sit outside but the weather wouldn't let me. So now, it's time to eat! We came here for the biscuit sandwiches! There were only 2 other customers in line before us, we got the whole place for ourselves!




Mr. Man got the Plain one (biscuit, fried chicken, oregano vinegar honey, & cucumber pickles) with salad on the side.


I got the Garden Original (biscuit, fried chicken, lettuce, cucumber pickles, sprouts, salsa verde) with extra biscuit on the side for J.

Both were yummy! I mean how could you ever go wrong with biscuits and fried chicken? However, Mr. Man said that he wished the size of the meal would've been a little bigger cause he was still hungry after savoring his sandwich.

Anyways, we are definitely coming back to this place when it's a bit warmer, and dryer :) Now it was time to take J outside so he could play. This 'hip' place is actually kid-friendly, you know. They got a play area outside.


But J was more interested in walking around, he was so curious about everything he saw.


cstf  cstf3 and he knew he had to pose for instagram too. Ah, my boy.