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Wine & Cake Pairing with Susie Cakes

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

At this point, I really believe that whichever trending eatery in the US that you see on social media would eventually come to Dallas. And it's true! From In-n-Out Burger to the Cupcake ATM, popular eateries are finding Dallas very appealing for their businesses. And Among many of them that are opening in the Big D, I am excited about this bakery called Susie Cakes. Not because it has its own reality show or anything :p but because they keep it simple and old school here.

SusieCakes (10 of 10)

No fondant icing, they use buttercream for all of their cake decorations, so no printing or anything like that. And they use ingredients that you could find in your pantry. Nothing complicated that you can't spell. The recipes are inspired by the real and original recipes by founder Susan Search's grandmothers, Mildred and Madeline.

When I got there, I was greeted with these yummy light bites to prepare me for the wine and cake pairing session that they have put together for us local Dallas bloggers.

SusieCakes (8 of 10)

After a few chit chats with the ladies, we went straight to the kitchen where all the magic happens!

SusieCakes (1 of 10)

Lemon, Coconut, Celebration Vanilla, Carrot, and Red Velvet. Oh! And yes, those Texas Cookies were for us to take home.

SusieCakes (2 of 10)SusieCakes (3 of 10)

My favorite? It's a tie between the Lemon and the Vanilla Celebration. But I think, I would want the Vanilla Celebration cake for my birthday!

SusieCakes (9 of 10) It's got sprinkles baked in the cake, and the icing is in Susie's signature color that matches one of her grandma's mixing bowls. How cute is that color! Now, I didn't take notes of the wine, but I do remember that one of them was Rosa Regale, and it was delicious! I would drink it with any cake!

SusieCakes (4 of 10)

Of course, they wouldn't let us leave without tasting some of their chocolate cakes & chocolate marble cakes. A perfect ending to our evening.

SusieCakes (6 of 10)

Next, "Mr. Cakes" showed off this photo of him eating a cake by Susie's grandmas as a kid. They display it in store and also on their web.

SusieCakes (5 of 10)

It's inspiring to see how Susie sticks with the simplicity of her grandmas' baking, and develop it into a successful business all over the country! Instead of following fads and what's hype, she sticks to what she knows and she loves, and you can taste it in the cakes, which taste like the cakes you would have at your grandma's.

SusieCakes (7 of 10)

Thanks for having us, Susie! I would definitely come back in a few weeks for my birthday.

Welcome to Dallas :)