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Healthy Food for A Happy World - Welcome to Dallas, Flower Child!

Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

Healthy Food for A Happy World - Welcome to Dallas, Flower Child!

Debora Manusama

Just like every other young adult millennial in America, I have been trying to eat healthy in the last few years, thanks to documentaries like Food Inc. and those pretty green smoothie, avocado toast, and quinoa oatmeal instagram posts by celebrities and famous bloggers! Lol hashtag clean eating ;) 

On top of it all, my little one was born with peanut, dairy, kiwi, and banana allergies, so I'm always looking for new places to find food with good quality, taste, and great variety of options, especially for kids!

So, I was super excited to visit the brand new Flower Child restaurant (opening officially for public on March 14, 2017) at Inwood Village last weekend with the fam!! 

As soon as you walk in, you're greeted by friendly staff and happy vibe all around you. I love the green theme they got going on here and lots of natural light coming in from the big windows. 

They make it easy for us to create instagram gold! Hastag yaaass. 

You come in, you get in line and order at the counter, take your table number, and make your way to any table you'd like to be seated at (they have a patio too!). Servers will take your orders to you! I wanted to start with the salad that I had ordered, but my little J wanted to start with this thick, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth Olive Oil and Lemon cupcake that we got at the counter. It is so delicious y'all! The olive oil makes it thick and moist, without overpowering the whole flavor of the cupcake. 

Next I had the Crushed Avocado Toast with soft eggs, black sesame, and shaved white cheddar cheese. You know what would be good with it though? Some chia seed sprinkled on top! (I add chia to everything from my smoothies, pancakes, to brownies lol). Right?!

Next, we had the Organic Kale salad with pink grapefruit, organic apple, black currant, smoked almond (yum!!), white cheddar, and apple cider vinaigrette. It's refreshing and filling, as you'd imagine.

I love the crunch from the almonds, and the sweetness from the apples. If you're a vegan, you can definitely go with their "Vegan Ingredient" salad with roasted corns and cauliflower. 

Aside from their delicious salads and appetizers like protein soup and avocado hummus, Flower Child offers a "Mix 'N' Match" veggies and grains options, so you get to mix up to 3 sides like Red Chili Glazed Sweet Potatoes and Indian Spiced Cauliflower. And then, you can add proteins like Grass-Fed Steak, Organic Tofu, and Sustainable Salmon. 

I wanted to take photos of J's food but he was too hungry to let me do that lol. He had the Grass-Fed Steak with organic brown rice and he loved it! And yes, he took some of my salmon too lol. This boy can eat! Kids get 2 sides to pick and they're not just some boxed mac n cheese. They're gluten free! 

On top of it all, we had rose petal lemonades to accompany our dishes, which were refreshing and fragrant. If you prefer the fruit of the vine, they serve organic wine too! And dudes, they also serve local beers. 

Healthy-eaters, fitness buffs, and coffee lovers, you are not forgotten! Flower Child also serves kombucha and cold brew coffee on tap! Yaasss...

Speaking of fitness buffs, this place would be a perfect post-workout hangout place, since they cater to your healthy dietary needs as well as your yoga mat's' need of a parking spot ;) 

Before you leave, be sure to snap a photo by this uber instagrammable wall. Hashtag IAmAFlowerChild! ;) 

Can't believe it's one week till the first day of Spring! Are you ready for the new season?