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5 Donuts You Need To Try Now Around Dallas

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5 Donuts You Need To Try Now Around Dallas

Debora Manusama

Happy National Donut Day y'all! I don't really celebrate national 'food days' that often, but when it comes to tacos, donuts, and ice cream, I just have to take part! (If you're wondering that's October 4, first Friday in June, and third Sunday in July). 

 So to celebrate this delicious holiday, I went to some of Dallas' best donut shops and tried their iconic donuts. I didn't make it to the famed Hurts donuts in Frisco or locals favorite, Mustang Donuts on Hillcrest Ave, but hey, I got a few that you will love just as much! 

Click the play button below and see ALL of the donuts I tried!


They look delicious right?? I like some of the old-fashioned ones, but I LOVE the unique creations that these donuts shops have come up with. Let's list them out:

Evil Elvis at Hypnotic Donuts

They claim to be the first one to serve this epic donut! And I believe them! Whoever came up with the idea of putting bacon and peanut butter on a donut is just a genius, period.

For the kid in you, try the Zooroppa (pictute above), which is a vanilla cake donut with sprinkles, marshmallows, and frosted animal cookie. Not eating dairy or eggs? They sell vegan donuts too!

Glazed Chocolate Old Fashioned Donut at Top Pot Doughnuts

I like how they spell their donuts, doughnuts ;) Originally from Seattle, this donut shop has that classic donut shop feel to it with a modern twist. They have old fashioned doughnuts, classic glazed that people really love, unique flavors like Valley Girl lemon, and even apple fritters. My favorite thing to do is to pair my donuts with their Ovaltine latte! Oh, and you know what? They open till 5 pm!

Cream Cheese and Mixed Berries at Jarams donuts

This donut shop is very straightforward. You come to eat donut and then get going. The line can get pretty long to if you come at a certain time of the day.

I love their Cream cheese with mixed berries donuts and their classic chocolate frosted donuts. But if you're feeling a little adventurous, try their fig butter funnel cake donuts or nutella cronuts!

Grilled Cheese Donuts at Glazed Donut Works

I first came to Glazed Donut Works 2 years ago when I got invited to sample their donuts along with my friends from the restaurant-reviewing app called Zomato. 

This Deep Ellum-based donut shop offers a great variety of flavors like Rose Water donuts and Passionfruit Milk chocolate donuts. My favorite though is the savory and sweet, Grilled Cheese donut with bacon! Oh yesss! They also offer vegan donuts that look just as delicious as the regular ones.  

So go ahead and celebrate this national day of donuts today! Don't worry, we won't judge ;) #DonutJudgeMe