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Laidback, Family-friendly, Colorful - It's Bumbershoot BBQ!

Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

Laidback, Family-friendly, Colorful - It's Bumbershoot BBQ!

Debora Manusama

Having your dad visiting from overseas for up to a month can mean many things, from extended daily breakfast hours due to the never ending jokes he tells repeatedly, to the increasing amount of beers that you're suddenly consuming. For me, it was the increase of my meat consumption for sure!

Seriously, if you look at his instagram (yes, my dad is on ig lol), you can see photos of the many burgers we had together while he was here! Well, on his last day here in DFW, I decided to take him to the opening of Bumbershoot BBQ in Argyle, TX for some serious meat feast. And it was a success!

Outdoor, cozy, very laidback - this place has that backyard bbq party feel that makes it very inviting and comfortable (I mean, those tall trees and string lights? Straight out of pinterest right?!) . So comfortable that you wouldn't mind spend hours hanging out here (especially now that the temperature is in the lower 80s!. 

There are free activities like wooden post painting and cornhole tossing, which are fun for all ages. I saw both kids and adults participating in them, including myself. If you see a polkadot post by the entrance, that's my doing!

Okay enough about the ambience and fun stuff, what about the food?

Served out of a food truck, the BBQ dishes offered here are straightforward, fresh, and delicious classics with a twist. The Brisket Sausage was the star of the show for me, followed by the St. Louis ribs. The ultimate must-try for me though, is surprisingly the SLAW!

It's not the typical slaw you'd find at bbq joints (which are usually too heavy on the mayo!). Bumbershoot's slaw is tangy but fresh with ingredients like apples! It's definitely what you need to cut through all the meat and fat you're consuming. 

I heard the potato salad is bomb too, but they were sold out by the time we got there. 

The rest of the awesome things you can find on their menu include loaded tater tots and cane cola. My dad was very happy to spend his last night in Texas savoring some delicious BBQ. J was excited that he got to paint all over the "wall" (he even got some paint on my legs!). And I was happy to be reunited with some friends that I ran into there. 

The only thing that I'm missing here is some desserts. Maybe some frozen treats in the summer and fried pies in the fall? Oh and some live music too?

Whatever it is they got coming up at Bumbershoot, you definitely wouldn't want to miss it! It's nice to get away without actually leaving DFW ya know. Bring your friends and families, and come visit when you can! Keep in mind that they sell out pretty quickly, so come early!