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Small World, Big Imagination.

Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

Small World, Big Imagination.

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

When I was little, I used to love pretend play. So much that I had this one imaginary best friend named Den-Den. Later in life I found out that there were actually 2 of them (according to my uncle who had caught me 'playing with them' one time in my childhood). The other one's name was Jen-Jen. Don't ask me why I named them with those two-word first names! lol. It was just me and my busy little mind. Anyways, I've always thought that pretend play was somehow good for kids. It is to expand their thinking capacity maybe? I wasn't sure. But then I found this article by Scholastic about the benefits of pretend play and I realized that it does so much more than just exercising their thinking skills. It is good for the development of kids' social and emotional skills too!


So when my friend Karen (yes, we hangout once a week, you'll be seeing more of here on my blog eventually), invited me to come to Small World BIG Imagination in Southlake, TX, I said yes!


When we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly staff who asked us to sign a waiver, sign up for their newsletter (they have seasonal activities here so it's good to be in the loop!!), and pay our $12 admission fee (just for the kiddos) from which each kid gets 1 free snack of their choosing at the end of the visit.


What a pretend play heaven! I love how they are very detailed with every single section and features in this play museum. There's a little farm there, a boat on which kids can fish little wooden fishes with magnets on them. And there's even a Central Market!


J loved 'working' on the cash register. And he loved pushing the shopping cart around. Sometimes a little bit too roughly though so I had to keep an eye on him the whole time. It's so cute too see kids let their imaginations run wild! And it's cool how SWBI facilitates that here.

They can even perform a little puppet show for other kids to watch (by the way the blue car on the right can be 'fixed' as well! So kids can pretend as mechanics and play around with it). During this visit, Ben was the puppet master. Meanwhile, J just wanted to sit next to the lovely baby Siena.

Sometimes he would try to poke her eyes, but other times he would try to give her a kiss. I'm grateful for a kid with a loving heart :)

Other than life-size buildings for kids, SBWI also provides arts & crafts stations where they host regular arts & crafts activities.

I didn't take a picture of it, but there's actually a sandbox here as well! But don't worry it's filled with moon sand not regular sand, so they won't make that much of a mess.


Don't forget the little area that's safe for the crawlers! Yes, babies are welcome here too although I really think that this place will be best enjoyed by kids ages 3 and up.

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit! You are not allowed to eat inside the play area, but you can always feed your kiddos at their lobby area or the patio. I even saw a mom bringing a box of pizza for her kids! How smart! I would do that next time. SWBI is open at as early as 9 am, so you can come early, stay until nap time, relax, and let the 'small world' spark their curiosity!

SWBI has tons of activities this month, check out their fb page for more info.

*This post was not sponsored. I simply liked it!