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Dinner with a Side of Murder

Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

Dinner with a Side of Murder

Debora Manusama-Sinaga


Mr. Man and I don't go out on dates that often. Actually in 3 years of marriage, we've only been to 3. It's not that we're too busy for it, we just don't see it as a necessity. We're cool with just watching netflix at home and eating our favorite food after J is asleep. We've seriously just been that low-key in the last few years. Plus we live so far away from our families, so we don't really have anyone to take care of J when we're gone. And to hire a babysitter would cost money. However, this year, thankfully we've been able to afford some babysitters every once in a while. So last Friday, we decided to go to Murder Mystery Dinner in Dallas, to have dinner with a side of murder!


Instead of the basic dinner or movies for a datenight, going to a Murder Mystery Dinner is a fun way to spend a night with your partner or friends (I personally think it'd be more fun to come with like a group of 6) with delicious 3-course meal while solving a murder case to together as a team! Basically, if you like the gameboard, Clue, you would love this show!


What I love about the Murder Mystery Dinner is the fact that it has different themes like a murder at a wedding, a murder at a masquerade, etc. The one we came to was a murder at a 50s prom called "A Dance with Death". So a lot of people came dressed up in puffy polka-dot dresses and leather jackets.


You will be given this 'Rules of Mystery' card on your table, so you'll know what to do with your teammates. Your teammates are the people who sit at the same table you're at. If you don't have a binder on your table, that means you can pick a name for your team. Ours was The Screw-Ups, before we were all late. We came at 7.15 pm! It's best to arrive 30 minutes early (6.30 pm), because the entertainment starts then. Who knows, you might get a chance to be a part of the show!


At around 7.30, after a brief explanation on how the event works and after a 'murder' happened (seriously, a guy suddenly screamed and 'died' at the back of the room, right before we started eating dinner), we got to eat a buffet-style dinner. This is a great time for you to discuss your strategy to solve the case with your teammates.


The chocolate pecan pies were BOMB!


I loved the braised beef! The chicken was good too especially with that gravy! They also have a bar at the back where you can get wine, liquor, and beer.

Next! It was time for us to start spending some money!


Not just any money but the money they company has put on the table for us to spend bribing the suspects (the actors with name tags on, they usually walk around the room as you eat dinner, so it's not that hard to spot them).


We split the team into 3 groups, and each group was assigned a suspect to bribe and interrogate. Mr. Man and I, and 4 other people bribed this guy in the picture, who turned out to be the killer!

But the fun didn't stop there...


Another murder. Whaat?!! It got confusing and interesting at the same time, but our team ended up guessing the right killer. We wrote the name of the suspect and his motif in a piece of paper provided by the company and submitted it to the detective. However, our explanation was not thorough enough, so we didn't win. The table next to us got it and they received a certificate to commemorate their victory. But hey, guessing the right killer was good enough for us!


It was fun spending 2.5 hour dining and solving a crime with this dude. I would like to do it again with friends next time, and maybe dress up too!

If you want to experience this dinner with a side of murder, get your tickets HERE, they have 5,000 shows/year all across America so I'm sure you can get tickets no matter where you are in the country. And they also do private events :)


*in partnership with Murder Mystery Co.