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Our Mom and Son Date at Hospitality Sweet

Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

Our Mom and Son Date at Hospitality Sweet

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

2 weekends ago, J turned 15 months, so I had to take him to his pediatrician for the 15-month check up. We took a little quiz, got his height and weight measured, and got some vaccination shots. The highlight of the check up was of course, the talk with the pediatrician herself. They usually ask you "is there any concern you have regarding your child's health and development?". My answer was "no" but apparently, she it didn't match hers. My peds told me that according to the quiz (which contains a list of questions about our child's behavior and responds to certain stimulants) we took earlier, J is not doing so well with his communication skills and that if he does not make any progress in 3 months, he might have to seek help. Say whaat??

"Have I not done enough?", I asked myself. I have narrated our activities throughout the day ('Good morning, let us take a bath' or 'we are driving to dad's office now', etc), I have read to him, I sing to him all the time - I feel like a lunatic talking to myself all the time sometimes. And that's not enough?

But then she said, "We do not use this as a standard for every kid, because they are all very different. We just want to find out where they are now in their development, but they do not have to 'meet the requirements' or anything like that. So no worries, just keep on doing what you're doing."

Fyuh! Thanks for that emotional rollercoaster you got me on for a sec right there, ma'am. You know I do not believe in any negative maybe's people throw at my kid based on their speedy observation, right?



Anyways, I took him out for a hot cocoa date yesterday morning. And believe me, he talked a lot. Not a single word he said was a real word, he said "dla da da da ba ba ba" all the time, but I treated them as though they were real. I said "oh really?" and "wow, that's awesome" as though he was telling me a story. I felt like a crazy person, but at least I was crazy for him.


Oh it sure is. Especially when you have time to spend it with the people you love while sipping some hot cocoa and savoring on some Texas Scone (scone + cream cheese + cinnamon) they got here at The Hospitality Sweet.




Ahh, I truly believe that God made J just fine. And he's going to say more and more 'real' words soon. Don't worry, J, we'll get there.