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Pho is For Lovers

Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

Pho is For Lovers

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

From the moment we got to Dallas, I have been looking forward to experiencing a cool weather. And after waiting the whole 4-month-summer long (yes summer seems to be taking that long in Texas), I can finally enjoy some chills in the Dallas air, and I get to put my sweater on! Now all we need is something hot to eat. Something with broth in it, with just enough beef and veggies to give you the nutrients you need, something with carbs like noodles to keep you full...something like Vietnamese rice noodle, Phở ! Now finding good Asian food in Dallas is not easy, because most of them are declared as 'good' by American food reviewers who are mostly not Asian. So they are  commonly not as well-rounded and knowledgeable as Asians when it comes to detecting authentic flavor in a dish. Mr. Man and I have tried some of the 'most recommended' restaurants, and most of them were not that awesome. Anyways, this one in Upper Greenville  is actually pretty good.



They keep it casual and modern here, unlike the traditional Asian restaurants with over-the-top decorations and all. But it's not too hip that it's lost its authenticity either, and that's what we like about this cafe. You can order for here or to-go, click here for full menu.



We had 2 beef pho's (really good, the broth is so full of flavor! you can taste the fish sauce, cloves, star anise and all of those spices ), + 2 egg rolls (for J, of course) + 1 Vietnamese iced coffee (it's cold outside, but I love the iced coffee too much to pass on it) = $26. Not bad right?

pho5 pho4

I heard the brisket pho is also good, but the banh mi is not that great (according to my friend). However, we'd definitely come back to this place, just for that bowl of Vietnamese goodness that'll warm our tummies in this chilly weather. Hmm... :)