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Life in DFW

My life as a wife and mom in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all things fun about it!

Going Back to Zero, Socially

Debora Manusama-Sinaga

Moving to a new country means going back to zero, socially. You have to start over again, getting to know new people, finding the right group of friends where you can fit in, and introducing yourself over and over again. I was a big social girl years ago, always out and about somewhere in the city of Jakarta. But when I decided to focus on taking care of my baby, things have changed and I have 'withdrawn' myself from a LOT of friends, just because I felt like our lifestyles have differed in many ways (no hating, seriously). So moving here has not been that 'drastic' for me, socially. However, I still need friends! And I am determined to make friends with the locals! I do not want to be stuck making friends with only the people with the same nationality as me, the way I did when I was studying in Australia 7 years ago. It narrowed the chance of my getting to know the country I'm living in the most organic way! It is not always comfortable to have no friends and to have to be the one who 'approaches' people first. But in my experience, it is always worth the try. You'll never know who'd you end up making friends with! So, why not try to let go of your comfort zone and start opening up?

So I have tried to start up conversations with strangers since July (not the creepy ones of course, haha) in various places like church (the best place to find mommy-friends!), the park, the museum's playground, and recently : the LIBRARY! Yeayyy!


I first got the idea from a stranger I met in my church' nursery room. When I told her that I've just recently moved here, she suggested me to go to local libraries to look for friends.

And she was right. After attending my local library's story time for about 3 times now, I have made some new friends :) And baby J has too!

Here is Valley Ranch Library at 401 Cimarron Trail, Irving. Very spacious, very kid-friendly, and quite scenic too! Especially because it overlooks this beautiful view below.


It is nice to stroll around here before the library opens.


All we need to do is come every Monday at 10, pick up a ticket at the information desk, and wait for the session to start. Baby J likes to pick up some books from the shelves before the session starts, while making friends with other babies who are waiting along with us. The best thing of it all is, it's free!!


He likes to take the books off the shelves, so I have to put them back on afterwards.


He also likes to hang around this "fish pond" with his friends.


His favorite time is definitely the parachute, where he gets to go under this big colorful 'parachute', while listening to some music (they play pandora radio for kids here) with other babies! Meanwhile parents can just hold the parachute and wave them up and down. Kids go bananas during this session!


Afterwards, we stroll around the neighborhood for a while (if it's not too hot outside) and muse ourselves with the green grass and trees we didn't often get to see back home in Jakarta.


We've been loving our daily routines so far, with a few new activities on our list, and it is safe to say that we are never bored. Because boredom only comes when you are least creative. Not an arty person? Not a DIY junkie? Good news! Creativity involves every aspect of life! So there's plenty of chance for you to exercise it in the way you use the amount of money you have, the amount of time you have, the amount of friends you have, and so on. Yes. Creativity. No excuse. Remember that, mommas. :)