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 A Facial Treatment That is Actually Soothing - This is HydraFacial!


A Facial Treatment That is Actually Soothing - This is HydraFacial!

Debora Manusama

When I think of facials, I usually think of a good massage around my face followed by some really painful extractions that will leave my skin red and irritated. Growing up with an oily skin that is prone to getting acnes, the word 'facial' and 'soothing' could never be in the same sentence, in my opinion. And frankly, it stays that way till today. But you know what the word 'soothing' could be in the same sentence with? HydraFacial!! Oh yes! If you haven't tried it, you gotta do so asap! It's definitely not your regular facial! And I am so grateful for the opportunity to try it out at Magnolia Avenue Med Spa of Fort Worth last month!

First, my super friendly and knowledgeable technician analyzed my skin using this state-of-the-art equipment. I had to stay still, close my eyes, and get my face scanned and photographed for it. 

The machine found a bunch of whiteheads and blackheads here and there, plus some wrinkles under my left eye. But the good thing is, they found that my skin age matches my real age! At least my skin isn't aging prematurely so yay me!

Next, we started the HydraFacial treatment, which is a non-invasive and non-irritating treatment that 'vacuums' your clogged pores without any aggressive extractions (ya know, with those steel blackhead remover that would hurt you so badly especially when they poke those pores of yours!!). First, my technician used a tool that removed my dead skin cells and makeup. Then she applied some acid peel that kinda stings a little bit, but bearable. Then she began the extraction which was actually soothing because there was water involved, leaving my skin hydrated and clearer after the treatment. 

You can't really see it in this picture because whiteheads are not that visible and I have a lot of them, but seriously, after the treatment, you could see all the excess oil and the impurities from my pores that had been zapped into this tube. 

So fresh and clean. It's definitely worth it! I posted about the experience on my instastory that day and my friends told me that my skin looked so good.  I wish I could do this more often!

Located on the hip Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth, TX,  the Magnolia Avenue Med Spa offers premium services and treatments from Cool Sculpting, BBL, to HydraFacial using medical-grade products. I recommend y'all to give them a call if y'all are interested and figure out the treatments you need. My takeaway from this experience is, HydraFacial lives up to the hype, it suits all skin type and it only takes 30 minutes! So whenever you get a chance you should really give it a try and give your skin some love. One that is effective but not aggressive ;) 

Have a good one y'all!