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It's (Almost) Fall Y'all : The Essentials


It's (Almost) Fall Y'all : The Essentials

Debora Manusama

Happy September 21st! Don't you just wanna start singing, "Do you rememba...21st night Septemba.." 

Yup! I've got it covered for ya! Click play and dance a little. 

"Ah ah ah baadeeyaa, say do you rememba!!" -- ah what a mood booster!

Speaking of September, did you know that tomorrow, September 22 is the official First Day of Fall? It might not feel like it where you are, I know here in Texas it still feels like summer for sure! But that doesn't mean we can't prep ourselves for this harvest season. 


For fall this year, I am trying out this Vintage Single Essence by Amore Pacific that purifies skin with its original green tea extract from Jeju island. It has anti-oxidant as well as prebiotics that pre-tox our skin! With the change of temperature coming our way, we want to protect our skin to prevent signs of aging. When do you wear it?  After you put on your toner and before you put on your serum and moisturizer. 


Next, French Girl Rose Lip Polish! It smells DIVINE and it moistens your lips instantly. Let's not settle for chappy lips this season, ladies! Click the pics below to shop!

Now, I'm a sucker for pastel nail polishes, so the Essie Master Plan is definitely an essential this season for me! And since I'm learning to do my mascara better and I find using mascara primer to be bery helpful. it makes your lashes look thicker in an instant, but you gotta out the right mascara on top of it too!  


Jeans, t-shirts, and adidas -- yes! It's not cold enough to wear cardigans yet, but it's not too hot to wear jeans so why not?? And notice the Pray & Slay tee there? Yes!! I have just launched a new Pray & Slay tee, click here to shop with code SLAY to get $5 OFF!! 


I am in love with denim jackets with patchworks and pompoms. They transform a basic everyday outfit into coolness. This one I got is by Boom Boom Jeans, you can find a similar one for $32 here


Pumpkin-spiced lattes and hot ciders are here so get your travel tumblers ready! My classic Pray & Slay tumblers are still available (only 5 left!!), so click here to get one :) This photo is of an instagram friend of mine name Laura Lape who happens to love my tumbler! 

And, you know you want some plaid scarves to go with your (pre-)fall outfits!! Click here to get one :) 

Hope you're just as excited about fall as I am! Have an awesome weekend, y'all!